Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

A classic caption contest from the old days

Any discussion of Hillary Clinton's toughness, or whatever, is incomplete without reference to this photo from 2007:


Propose a caption in the comments.

Sunset over Texas

Last night, over the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

ACL sunset

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Hammer's College Football Roundup: Woche Funf

Did you catch Clemson and those papist bastards playing down in Death Valley last evening? What a frustrating game to watch. I'm not a Clemson fan but as you know my hierarchy of being (in descending order) is WolfPack, God, country, sports bar, family, ACC, vehicle. Come to think of it move 'vehicle' up a couple of spots. Anyway I'm a fan of just about anybody who's playing Notre Dame and last night I was crapping in high cotton (for three quarters anyway). Then Clemson lost their nerve. They tightened up and started playing NOT TO LOSE. We've all seen it a million times. The Tiger offense went from a balanced, slashing, yardage machine to a run left, run right and then try up the middle, predictable three and out machine. It was ridiculous. Notre Dame was down 21-3 going into the fourth quarter then the Tiger defense starting giving the Irish the two things a good offense needs, time and space, and the Roman scum took advantage. If not for a couple of late mistakes by the Irish, Clemson would have lost by ten. Note to Dabo, run your damn offense. Sitting on the ball with a quarter to go almost never works. It's boring, the kids aren't having fun and things can go to shit REAL QUICK. Clemson is DAMN lucky they won.

I think we can now say Flawda and Michigan are back. The Gators looked so good against #3 Ole Miss it was scary. UF quarterback Will Grier looked great, throwing for 270 yards and 4 touchdowns. In my humble opinion the only thing keeping these guys from being top five is their running game. Put it this way, Florida TEAM rushing after five games is 703, LSU back Leonard Fournette has 864 yards after FOUR games. There you go.

How 'bout them Wolverines! Jim Harbaugh has got Big Blue cranking! Check this out, Mary-land had 76 passing yards with three picks and 29 yards on the ground. This is like the gold standard of offensive suck. If NCSU had played Mary-Land yesterday it woulda been a good game...unfortunately. Anyway I am really looking forward to Michigan/Michigan State!

But the week's suckiest suckfest was not in College Park, oh no, it was in Illinois somewhere (not a clue where U of I is, Urbana maybe?). Nebraska had the ball leading 13-7 and Illinois has no timeouts. All the Cornhuskers need do is take a knee a couple of times and game over. But what do they do? Why pass the ball of course...TWICE. The Illini get the ball back on downs and score winning 14-13. Well done coach. You want to know what's wrong with Nebraska? Sports management that's what. Those idiots took a league like the Big 8 with great football and great basketball and fuqed it all up. No more Oklahoma v Nebraska. The thing is Nebraska is NOT a Big Ten school and they know it. They are lost. They have no identity now. Oh well, they still got those hot farm girls LOL!

Ohio State won and Michigan State won, both ugly. TCU beat Texas like a drum (lots of problems in Austin), Baylor took no chances with Texas Tech and jumped on them early (well done coach), UCLA went down to Arizona State and what about poor Georgia? They were favorites over Alabama between the hedgerows but just could not overcome these disadvantages! The Tide killed them. Northwestern rolled and is undefeated along with the Iowa Hawkeyes who beat a pretty good Wisconsin team on the road.

In local action (local to me of course, who gives a shit where you are) my WolfPack, after putting up big numbers against chump competition played a bruised and batter (but talented) Lewis-ville squad and got their ass kicked. We came in ranked 16th nationwide in rushing offense, we got 45 yards yesterday. Add in a couple of big turnovers which resulted in at least a 14 point swing and, well we stunk. That is all.

UNC came back against Ga. Tech. I heard a bit of this game on the radio and I though Tech had it. Very disappointed in this game. The U lost to friggin' Cincinnati for Pete's sake! So long perfect record. Duke won, Va. Tech lost and UVA took a personal day (they needed one).

That's it. I wish it would stop raining but it's a good day for hanging around watching football and gettin' jiggy with mama. Now...don't you have somewhere you can go?

Friday, October 2, 2015

CW Marco Rubio for President Fund: $5400.00!!!!

Third quarter fund raising stats should be coming in from all of the candidates over the next few days, and we'll start to see some separation of the men and women from the boys and girls.  Running and winning takes some cash, friends, so think about digging deep and laying a little cash out there for Marco Rubio!  Use the form provided to the right on the blog or print the picture that I've included here.  I will soon post a link so that you can do all of this online, but I'd like to test it out first.

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Awww.....sorry to hear things haven't been going your way. Life can be tough like that. Why not take a few minutes so share with the people that care?

No weigh in today. I've been a little naughty this week.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trump's Leading, So Why Wont He Quit?

Trump 23, Carson 13, Fiorina 13, Rubio 9, Bush 8, Cruz 6, Kasich 2, Huckabee 2, Christie 1, Paul 2, Jindal 1, Santorum 0, Walker, Pataki 0, Graham 1

Talk about spoiled, arrogant, entitled, self-centered and stupid, the GOP establishment takes the cake (you know, apart from the DEMOCRAT establishment). Have a look at the latest poll. Now I would describe Bush, Rubio, Kasich, Christie and Graham as establishment candidates. Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Cruz and Huckabee would be "outsiders" in my view. So, let's do a little math. The "outsiders" account for 57%, the establishment 21% (Jindal and Paul defy categorization but they account for only 3%). These numbers sound about right to me.

So who makes up that 21% I wonder, or more to the point who is Washington working FOR? Who is for open immigration and sweeping trade bills? Who is for outsourcing American jobs like at Disney, half of Silicon Valley and (just today) Toys R Us? Who thinks the GOP is just fine the way it is and wants to change nothing? Well the donor class of course. The quid pro quo, mega-wealthy who are getting wealthier by the minute along along with their sycophantic "professional" Republicans who are loyal to party rather than ideals.

These people (along with the Democrat establishment) are attacking Trump on a daily basic. Incredibly they constantly call for Trump to withdraw from the race. Now Jeb is a different story. He has cratered since early summer losing about two thirds of his support but gee, somehow for him "the polls don't matter". You see he's bankrolled by the fat-cats and unless something better comes along he'll will be around to the bitter end (Rubio and Kasich are desperately trying to be that "something better"). If money can fix it, it ain't a problem and believe me, the establishment have no qualms about buying an election. Hell, that's what they do. Jeb said recently we've only started our television ads so let's wait and see how those play out. Yes of course, that makes perfect sense, the voters in New Hampshire have no idea who Jeb Bush is so let's introduce our candidate and watch those numbers go through the roof. You just can't beat those party consultants...absolutely brilliant!

At this point in time I'd say the dolts haven't figured out yet they aren't running against the outsiders, they're running against each other. Same goes for the outsiders. If Trump loses support either Carson or Fiorina pick it up, it doesn't go to Jeb or Rubio. So I have to conclude that unless there's some secret weapon waiting in the wings the establishment is in deep, deep do do.

Here's the problem. Sixty plus percent of Republicans say the Republican Party has "betrayed" them, 45% say they are "afraid" of their government. These kinds of numbers do not bode well for an insider from either party. People are pissed. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I think it's clear 2016 will be a year of throwing the bastards out, so my question is... why won't Jeb quit?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A "Good Man" Gone Bad

I'm getting a little sick of this "who me" attitude by the establishment. After Boehner's announcement that he's resigning, rather than being contrite they're doubling down. We've done all we could do they say. Everything possible to stop the Obama agenda was done and no one could have done more. All this is just a huge overreaction by the "crazies" and Speaker Boehner, being the "good man" that he is, is falling on his sword "for the good of the party". By the way, isn't it a shame we've lost this "true conservative" based on no more than the hysterical howls of "false prophets"?

What a crock! This is a lie from beginning to end. The fact is Boehner never had a plan. He never had an agenda for stopping Obama. It's simply wasn't a priority for him. Furthermore I'll even go so far to say if the opportunity to repeal Obamacare had been handed to the Republican leadership on a silver platter, they wouldn't have taken it. Some would argue it indeed was.

Maggie Thatcher once said you have to win the argument before you win the vote. What she meant was it's the job of every politician to educate and persuade. That's what leadership is. But just like GWB before, Boehner and McConnell ignore and ignored this vital function of leadership. For example, right now at this very moment our party leaders should be hitting Planned Parenthood with everything they've got. There is NO WAY funding for this criminal organization should even be an issue. But it is. Why? Because our "leaders" are intimidated by Obama. They are absolutely paralyzed with fear of a government shutdown for which they will be blamed (as they see it) and OMG they could, just might, lose their positions.

In our system of checks and balances if Congress doesn't protect its turf and push back against an out of control President, then what we end up with is an all powerful executive with near dictatorial powers. And so it has been with Obama. The idea Boehner "did all he could do" is true, but not for conservatives.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Hammer's Just Super, Superficial Analysis of This Week's College Football Action: Week 4

Well... I think I'll take a shot at who the early Heisman pick might possibly be: LSU's sophomore running back Leonard Fournettte. This guy is 6-1, 230 pounds and has excellent quickness and great open field speed. He's burning up yards like the Road Runner averaging damn near 9 yards per carry. Two hundred yard games are becoming a habit with this guy. If he's not on your short list you need a new list. Anyway LSU is 3-0 with two of those wins on the road. Looks like they're back in the hunt after last year's disappointing record, 8-5 (4-4 in league).

But the game of the week was TCU at Texas Tech. Last week the Red Raiders went to Fayetteville and hung one on the Razorbacks (and talking a little smack in the post-game news conference). At 3-0 they were definitely on my "must keep an eye on" list. I really thought they had a chance against TCU in Lubbock (the armpit of Texas). But let's face it, neither of these teams play a lot of defense when just a small, tiny, minuscule, atom of a defensive effort would have won the game. Both racked up more yards than '68 Ohio State against Hampden-Sydney on PlayStation 3 and finally TCU got a lucky tip in the endzone to win. Great game to watch, unless you're the defensive coordinator.

You think Flawda might be back? They're 4-0 and 2-0 in conference. Now granted they haven't played anyone that great but ECU is no slouch and Kentucky surprised Misery yesterday so they ain't too bad. The Gators have done what's been asked, and that's all you can ask. But coming back in the fourth quarter 13 points down against Tennessee shows a lot of character. I don't know, I don't think they're there yet but the trajectory is good. Not a fan necessarily but I do miss The Vols and Gators being competitive. Did I ever tell you I almost went to Florida? It's true, the Hammer was almost a Gator. Of course I was almost a Clemson Tiger, a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket and a Tulane Green Wave(er) as well. Can't remember the details but as I recall something about in-state tuition swayed my choice. $300 a semester vs $5k, yeah that was it I'm pretty sure.

Anyway speaking of teams I miss being good the Michigan Wolverines absolutely destroyed the BYU Men in Black on bicycles 31-0. I'd say they're a season away but Harbaugh has Big Blue back on track. They lost to a dynamite Utah squad first game in a competitive matchup and in two weeks have (presently) undefeated Michigan State in Ann Arbor. I like the Spartans as well but an upset wouldn't be surprising. In fact I'll stick my neck out and predict a Michigan win. This is a "statement" game and Harbaugh wants this one badly.

Since I brought up Utah did you see what the Utes did to Oregon? 62-20 in Eugene! Man this is some embarrassing shit for the Quack Attack! Phil Knight probably put some extra phytoceramides in his '55 Glenfarclas. That's the worst defeat for a duck since Phil Robertson got his first shotgun.

Also out West UCLA is looking DAMN GOOD. Jim Mora has a hotshot freshman quarterback and they owned a good Arizona team. It didn't help that Arizona's ball security was about as good as the federal govt's internet security, but hey, that's the way the ball fumbles.

Ole Miss is picking up where they left off last year. The Georgia Bulldogs are looking awesome and may actually be favorites against "Bama next week. Baylor is ringing the cash register, just like last year. There are a ton of undefeateds out there including our own Clemson, FSU and NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY (but that could change). CW's Virginia lost to Boise State and is 1-3, but of the three ACC teams I just mentioned, what would their record be against Notre Dame, UCLA (on the road) and Boise State?

Well that's it, enjoy your rainy Sunday.

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