Friday, December 19, 2014

A Hissy Fit For Hell

Since the midterm elections the left has been all a twitter! They're pissed that they did so poorly in the midterm elections, they're feeling rejected and now apparently they're in the second stage of grief, ANGER. Of course they have only themselves to blame. The economy is limping along like a broke-dick dog, the debt is through the roof, unemployment is at depression levels and 2.8 billion people are on food stamps (or would be if they could only get here). The world is a much MUCH more dangerous place and the US is starting to get pushed around in just about every region. I expect Venezuela to invade Florida just about any day now. Don't misunderstand, most of these events and outcomes were planned. What's got the Dem's tighty-whities in a knot is that nobody appreciates their efforts, except their brilliant and beautiful leftist looney-tune base. So in the spirit of rewarding their most loyal friends and punishing the reactionary, rightwing knuckle draggers, it's time to do some stuff.

First amnesty: Come one come all. As long as you didn't make the papers in the US don't be worrying about that child molestation thing back in El Salvador. Besides it was your cousin and anyway that was like eight years ago hombre. That's an OLD crime, can't be worried about that shit!
The President's goal is to get 15 to 20 million illegals on the fast track to citizenship and in the voting booth. The illegals strategy worked out wonderfully for California and Obama is taking it nationwide. If successful there won't be another Republican elected at the federal level for 200 years and the Constitution will be deader than Pancho Villa. The thing is just gringo bullshit anyway. Oh, have to give a shout-out to Boehner and the Chamber of Commerce. Who knew suicide could be so much fun? ¿Te gusta las manzanas?

Second: Empty Guantanamo. This was a campaign promise made by our "smartest President ever" and he's following through. Never mind that Chuck Hagel kicked up (and got kicked out) or that the Pentagon says dozens of the parolees are now fighting for ISIS (NOT Al Queda mind you, Obama destroyed them don't you know). Most of these guys are just confused kids anyway. They're good boys, just got a little mixed up and started hanging out in the wrong bazaar. They'll be ok, if we can only find a country willing to take them. But a word to the wise, don't let them near matches.

Third (and CW's favorite): Normalize relations with Cuba. And why not! We've tried that isolation thing for decades, hasn't accomplished dick. Why should we let the Europeans have all the fun with what Fidel described as "the cleanest" 15 year old prostitutes in the whole wide world. Now please, I don't want to hear about the alleged crimes of the alleged Stalinist regime with tales of firing squads, tiger cages and sweltering tropical dungeons. Who cares? That's in the past. Besides, they have the greatest healthcare system on the planet...AND IT'S FREE! Just ask Michael Moore. But I'm still a bit confused why Fidel had to have Spanish doctors save his life a few years back. Cuba's best and brightest must have been on a state sponsored holiday to Nice or something.
Oh, in the unconfirmed rumor department I hear Obama plans to release Charlie Manson soon. The reason being we've kept him locked up for 40+ years and it has accomplished nothing! If we want to affect Charlie's behavior we need to "normalize" our relationship with him and then we might actually have some leverage. Regardless, keeping him locked up hasn't worked.

Oh yeah, here's a fun fact: During the Batista dictatorship there were 11 prisons in Cuba, now there are over 300. Now there's progress for you!

Jeb's Big Day

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has announced formally that he is interested in "actively explore(ing) the possibility" of running for President, which is in essence, a non-announcement as we already knew he was doing so.  This has the the chattering classes chattering, and so as not to be left out, here's a little chatter from me.

1.  Jeb Bush was generally considered a good conservative governor of a large, key, state.  It has been some years since he last ran for office (2002, I believe), but back in the late nineties, even within the Bush Family HE was considered the one most likely to someday be President.  I stress to you my own perception that Bush was INDEED considered a conservative when he governed--not by the standards many now apply to that term--but by the standards that were au currant when he was in office.  Stories such as this one are out there for the reading, ones written in Florida by people who remember, and they don't see Jeb as anything but a conservative.

2.  But...a lot has changed since he last ran for office (2002).  For one, his brother was President, twice, and he governed in a way that turned many people off (certainly not me).  Additionally, Jeb has taken some positions on major issues that rankle many conservatives.  His advocacy of "common core" is front and center, but as this article demonstrates clearly, what many people object to have been what local school districts have done (unwisely) in implementing common core.  Common core has NEVER been a curriculum...rather, it was supposed to be a set of standards.  These silly math problems we've seen throughout the media are NOT common core, so much as they are the work of ridiculous educators seeking to alter the pedagogical landscape. Additionally, Jeb's stance on immigration ("an act of love") has many conservatives in a tizzy.  Here's a recent look at what he's said on the subject, and as many of you have already guessed, I'm ok with this approach.  Where I am not open to compromise is in sequencing.  I want the borders closed.  Period. End of story.  And I want us to figure out how to integrate those here already--illegally--who have legitimate roots and lives here.

3.  I'm just not sure how likable Jeb is.  I haven't been in his company, but I don't get overwhelming vibes that suggest I'd like to spend a few hours in a goose blind with the guy.  I want my President to be earnest and serious....but I also want to believe he/she is capable of laughter and joy.  I haven't seen this side of Jeb.

4.  I'm not sure he's burning with the fire to be President.  And in order to be elected President, I
believe one needs this.

5.  The "not another Bush" thing.  Here's how I feel about that--I have no objection to family political dynasties in the United States, because WE ultimately are making the choices, not the dynasts.  That said, I will only tolerate this argument from Republicans or those likely to vote Republican.  You can't whine about dynasties while driving your Prius with a "Ready for Hillary" bumper sticker on it.

Would I support Jeb as the GOP nominee?  Without reservation.  For those interested, here is my listing in priority order of those Republicans mentioned as potential Presidential candidates.  My criteria are: 1) the degree of affinity I have for the idea of this person being President and 2) the sense I have that they can be elected to the office. Also, I have sorta picked and chosen among those I think are considering the run.

1.  Mitt Romney--by far my favorite.
2.  Paul Ryan
3.  John Kasich
4.  Jeb Bush
5.  Scott Walker
6.  Bobby Jindal
7.  Mike Pence
8.  Chris Christie
9.  Rand Paul
10.  Ted Cruz

What are you folks thinking?  What would your list be?  What would your list be using MY criteria?

Let's Talk About Cuba

Fidel Castro 
Yesterday I went back and forth with a Facebook friend over Cuba, and it is worth sharing.

 Gregorius Caroline du Nord I don't believe in doing business with ANY totalitarian state under ANY circumstances. WE should have invaded the place in the 90's when Russia was on it's ass and established a Democratic Republic, then put Castro on trial and let the Cuban people decide what to do with him. But we were too busy building China to the detriment of our own people and industry so as to appease leftists and traitorous business interests. Remember what Marx said, classes from different countries have more in common with each other than with other classes within their own country.
December 17 at 11:03pm · Edited · Like

Gregorius Caroline du Nord "We have had better relations with far worse regimes"
Name one CW. They don't come any worse than Cuba.
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Bryan McGrath China through the 1970's. The Soviet Union throughout much of its history. There's two.
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord Bullshit! They were not "far worse" by any stretch of the imagination.
Where do you get your info on Cuba, George Clooney?
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Bryan McGrath No; not at all. And it is stunning to read you give two of the world's most brutal police states such a pass...
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord A pass? No way Jose (or should I say Fidel). The Cuban model was the Soviet model...two peas in a pod. The Chinese were different, but just as brutal.
My point is Cuba is a totalitarian dictatorship with all the mass killings, etc. and for you to say we've dealt with "far worse" is sophistry. I love you brother but you got your head up your ass on this one.
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Bryan McGrath Let's do a thought experiment, Gregorious. Let's think about China, today. China is still a totalitarian regime, but would you not consider it FAR less so than under Mao? Do you not think economic normalization played a role in it? Another point....Ronaldus Maximus used a similar argument to the one Obama is using when he advocated engaging the South African regime under apartheid. Drove the Libs crazy. Isn't there some possibility that isolating isn't as effective as we'd like to think?
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord I appreciate that. But the voice of reason and probity stepped up and got things under control. Headmaster Bryan.
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord Well under Mao and Zhou Enlai China was a much more volatile state that's for sure. But the idea that a communist dictatorship can become all warm and fuzzy is absurd. China today is a thousand times more dangerous than the pre-Nixon/Kissinger China.
Give me 50 bucks and a day or two and I'll put together a fact sheet for you, you can show it off at some conference or war college.
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Bryan McGrath I'm probably at least as realistic when it comes to China as you (remember what I do for a living), and no one sees them as fuzzy. As for more dangerous, you are spot on. But that isn't the question. The question is whether or not economic liberatlization has created additional freedom in China over and above what it had before. They may still suck, but do they suck less? This is what I'm suggesting will happen with Cuba. In fact, I think the regime is going to be overwhelmed.
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord South Africa was a different animal altogether. Different set of circumstances with different resolutions.
Let me ask you this, is South Africa a better place now than thirty years ago?
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Bryan McGrath I can't say for sure. I tried to assess this two years ago when I visited. For white people, it is assuredly not. But they don't comprise a majority. Crime is rampant, that is for sure. But I imagine that for the average black South African, things are better. Whether it was a different situation isn't important. What was important was a leader who believed that engaging a screwed up regime worked better than isolating. Let's look at our two wonderful, sixty year examples of isolation--Cuba and North Korea. How's that working for us? For them?
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord No I think China is a modern feudal state. The elites control the economy and there's very little mobility of any kind.
Look. it's not that difficult to get huge growth rates with an economy like China's. If I've got 5 bucks in year one and make 10 bucks in year two, I've got a 100% growth rate. But what drive an economy is innovation, and China has none. Everything they have they've either stolen or bought (mostly stolen). Their model with their problems (and they have tons) is unsustainable.
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Bryan McGrath I have only limited quibbles with this; but the question remains whether or not economic liberalization has created MORE freedom in China. This is a relative measure.
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord Here's the thing CW, North Korea and Cuba are criminal regimes. And like criminals they should be isolated. If we don't have to do business with them we shouldn't, keep them marginalized and in "jail".
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Bryan McGrath While their populations suffer?
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord More wealth for the elites and yes some has trickled down. But so what? My priority is not the Chinese people. My priority is protecting freedom because free people don't start trouble. China is an ascending power and a huge problem...and we created them.
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Gregorius Caroline du Nord If their populations suffer it's not my doing. I want to help but if helping the people of North Korea means giving aid and assistance to criminal mass murderers then sorry, not gonna happen.
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We left it there.  There is a lot to his position, and I realize it is more consistent with a center-right view of the world.  But I've always thought our policy toward Cuba was non-sensical, that we could steamroll that regime with capitalism if we just gave it a chance.  It looks like maybe we will get an opportunity to test the theory.  But my interlocutor's point is a good one--there is something to our nation's having stood up to totalitarian police states--so my advocacy of throwing the rudder over on this issue is made with some reservation.

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Hey, friend.  Chin up.  Don't let the blues get you down. I know it hurts to see the US drop its grudge against Cuba.  I know you're not happy about Jeb Bush getting in the race.  I know you really, really wanted to see "The Interview".

Let it out.  Tell us the whole story....

Off midday to the Big City with all three Kittens for dinner, a show, overnight, and shopping.  Return tomorrow and finally put up the tree, then up Sunday morning to head to NC to see the Southern branch of the McGrath Clan.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

On Shooting a Deer

Fifty weeks ago, I spent an afternoon in a freezing tree stand at Mudge's place in Accomack County on Virginia's Eastern Shore and shot AT a deer. That tale is recounted in this ditty posted soon thereafter.  I returned this past Friday to another afternoon/morning hunt and an evening of friendship in between with the Mudge's.  For the faint of heart among you, this post tells the story of a successful deer hunt, so if you don't want to read about it, please stop here and return to the Kardashians.

The day did not start out in a manner suggesting good fortune.  Mudge is about 2.5 hours south of me, and I had a morning appointment here in Easton (massage, monthly) to dispatch before making the trip.  Knowing that I would emerge from the morning's appointment smelling like I just walked out of the Mustang Ranch, I programmed a quick trip home for a shower.  This I did, packing up the things I needed for the night and a small token of esteem for the Mudge's.  Ten miles down the road, The Kitten called to tell me that I had left the token and my bag sitting in the kitchen, so I turned around to begin the journey again.

Additionally, I had not eaten and I needed gas, so on the second time around, I figured I'd hit the WaWa in Cambridge, fuel up and grab a soft pretzel.  Brother Tom introduced me to the Wawa soft pretzel, and I must admit, they are devine divine really good.  So I stopped, got the pretzel and started driving again....without getting gas.  So I had to stop yet again.  Keep in mind, It was now nearing an hour after I originally left home and I was sixteen miles down the road.

I eventually arrived at Mudge's place and we shot the breeze for a while before heading a mile or so down the road to his hunting grounds.  Before walking down the paths to our stands, Mudge suggested that we "sight in" my field piece with a few rounds.  This year I switched from buckshot to a slug round, and I wanted to get an idea of how decent a shot I was. Now, I am no Fred Sheehy, but I have always been a decent shot.  We confirmed this with three rounds, two from about 30 yards and one from about 80 yards, all of which were decently aimed.

It was 3:15 or so before we got up into our stands, so there wasn't a whole lot of daylight left.  This was ok, because while it wasn't terribly cold, I had my real foul weather stuff packed away for the
The Sight Line
next morning. In fact, I climbed up in a pair of tan corduroys which few would consider appropriate hunting wear.  Additionally, what cold there was was whipped about a bit by a steady breeze.

My stand sits about 12 feet above a wide path or road that Mudge cut with his back hoe.  Because I am right handed, the barrel points in the direction indicated in the photo above.  Realistically, my arc of fire is about 270 Relative to about 020 relative to my position along the path, but there are very dense woods in all but the clear bit you see above.  There are a few open patches in that 110 degrees other than the path, but not very many.  The road continues to the right, but the machinations involved in switching my position and the gun barrel to shoot to the right would alert only the deafest of deer. So in reality, if I were to shoot at the deer, it would be in the road clearing out to 90 or 100 yards.

So I sat down in my stand and began the patient wait.  As I said, the wind was steady, so there was a good bit of wind generated noise.  I don't hear well as it is, and I take my hearing aids out when I hunt.  The hat in the picture above, when down over my ears really muffled a lot of sound, so I had to roll it up to uncover my pitiful ear-holes.  This made hearing easier, but added to the slight discomfort caused by the cold.

Keep in mind, I am pretty damn sure that the ONLY way that I would get a good shot at a deer is down this road, but that didn't keep me from looking as far as 090 relative, where I could not possibly get a shot, but where a clueless deer might be walking down the path toward me.  This eventuality is very unlikely, but it gets boring looking straight down one direction, so I occasionally rotated my head and body to the right to see what would be down there.

The sun began to fade, and I estimated that I had about five more minutes before I'd climb down and head back to Mudge's truck--which was off to the right, and in which direction I was shifted when I made this calculation.  And that's when I heard it--rustling in the woods close-by, on my port quarter.  I began the slow, quiet shift around, one made necessary by my unnecessarily having shifted to the right, and of course, alerted the deer that had come up behind me not more than 15 yards away in the thick woods.  Had I not been lollygagging to starboard, the deer would have walked from left to right across the road very close to me and would have been an easy shot.  As I turned, it heard me and bounded back into the woods.  But....sixty yards or so down the path stood a pretty doe, right in the middle of the road.  I now was shifted to port, and in good position.  She didn't appear to be in a hurry, so I leveled the Benelli and sighted her in....the little red/orange bead at the end of the barrel was now very difficult to see in the fading light, but just enough of it was visible to give me the confidence to take the shot.  Flashing through my mind were the same thoughts as last year.  How would I react if I pull the trigger and it actually hits the deer? I've never shot and killed a deer.  I wondered if there would be remorse.

I squeezed the trigger, the gun responded, and the doe dropped where she stood, motionless.  I sat and contemplated her for a second, committing the exact spot where she was to memory in case she got up and moved. Having figured out that I did not have remorse, I realized that if she got up and walked away, injured, there would be little time and daylight left to find her. Then I would be very remorseful.   But she was not moving.  She wasn't going anywhere.

I slowly got myself together for the climb down the stand.  I knew that by now, Mudge would be leaving his stand to see what happened (it turns out that he was climbing down when he heard my shot).  I quickly policed my restraint strap and the lifting line and made the stand ready for the morning's hunt, and then I began the walk to my first deer.  Honestly, I felt good about it.  I realize many would not agree, and some would find borderline mental illness in feeling this way, but I felt good.  I was patient. I was accurate.  I had done what I set out to do.

My first deer--100lb doe
I arrived upon the animal and she was dead.  I shot her on a broad starboard bow angle, and the slug entered her body just aft of the front right shoulder.  It traveled through her heart and lungs and exited on her port quarter near the bottom of her rib cage.  Mudge arrived on the scene and I could honestly tell that he was just as happy about the event as I was.  Actually, he may have even been happier, as that is the kind of guy he is.  Mudge pronounced her a "pretty, healthy doe" and estimated her weight at 110 pounds (she was 100 on the nose when weighed later).  Of great interest to me was his pronouncement that doe taste better, and that as healthy as she was, she would be delicious eating.

Mudge suggested we go get his truck and drive her out--I offered to stay with her, and he answered plainly "she's not going anywhere".  So we headed off, drove slowly back and put her in the bed of the truck to take her back to Mudge's field cleaning station.  I won't go into the details of the cleaning, but I will extend serious gratitude to Mudge for not only doing it, but for carefully explaining each step along the way.  There is an art to getting a deer ready for taking to processing, and while it was a cold night (making haste unnecessary), getting it done quickly and efficiently takes great skill.  Once she was dressed, we headed back to Mudge's to clean up for dinner, drove ourselves and the deer to nearby Exmore to the processing facility, and then met Mrs. Mudge for dinner at a local restaurant.

I chose a gumbo for dinner, perhaps an unwise decision, as I am sure its gaseous by-products had something to do with nary the sight nor sound of a deer coming near me the next morning.  But an evening of great conversation with the Mudge's followed by warm slumber made the next morning's shutout well worthwhile.

Below is a shot of Mudge and Oscar, saying goodbye as I backed out for the drive home.  I had done what I set out to do--and that was renew my friendship with a truly great fellow and his wife.  That I had shot my first deer was simply icing on the cake.

Mudge and Oscar

Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's got you down, Chumley?  Your emails making racial jokes about the President get hacked by the North Koreans?  Your feature article in Rolling Stone turn out not the way you planned?  Get it off your chest...share with us.  We'll listen.

Heading off to the wilds of the Eastern Shore of Virginia in a few hours to experience the sublime friendship and hospitality of Mudge.  Spend a little time in the tree stand this afternoon and tomorrow morning, with some time by the woodstove tonight.  Good times.

Cheers, folks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Psychotic Ramblings from a Diseased, Alcohol Sodden Brain

Am I stupid? Well the facts are irrefutable, I must be! I keep falling for the Republican's bullshit and end up contributing my time and money to our "cause" and in the end the establishment just keeps Jujitsu-ing my ass into a top-rope Flying Brain Chop takedown for the pinfall.
You remember they told us yeah sure we worked with Democrats to get Thad Cochran through the primary down in Missississippi, we had to. We didn't want a Tea Party guy nominated, he couldn't get elected. Of course if one absolutely had to have a Tea Party candidate can you think of a better State to run the guy in than Missississippi? The Tea Party dude woulda won going away, ask Mary Landrieu! But the fact is the Establishment pricks would have preferred the Democrat.
To prove it I refer you to Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia. Do you think maybe he could have won the Governor's race against friggin' Terry the Clinton ass lick if just a little RNC cash had come his way? Cuccinelli would have won by 8 points.
Now here we go with the omnibus budget bill to fund every Goddamn piece-of-shit Obama program for the better part of next year. Forget about the fact that the budget process has been a shame for years. Forget about the fact the government has been living off continuing resolutions since before Harry Reid had pubbs. Now all of a sudden the Democrats want to lock in a budget for as long as they can...HUGE SURPRISE! But Boehner decides "wow, gee, we don't have the votes right now so what should we do Nancy?"
So if I understand this right, the Republicans ran on stopping Obamacare, the insane immigration surrender and every little leftist law and regulation these socialist pricks have instituted these past six years, but now, during lame-duck sessions the Republicans decided to give away the farm and lock Dem policies in place for at least a year? My God in Heaven! And I though Obama pussied out in Iraq!

This UVA thing is disturbing but sadly not at all surprising. As you may know Tickbite ain't that far from Durham and a similar fiasco not so long ago. Due to the luck of proximity I had the benefit of national as well as local coverage of the Duke Lacrosse thing. Now I'm no genius (I have mentioned that before haven't I?) but I do have special insight into the leftist/liberal mind (it's a gift). I'm usually, not 100% mind you, but I'm usually never wrong when it comes to ferreting out their motives. I was very vocal from the beginning that Duke Lacrosse was all a pack of lies. No way a bunch of white boys would rape a nasty friggin' stripper, especially Crystal Mangum. She has all the sex appeal of a...well I won't go there. But it was obvious, a skank ho looking to "get paid" versus a bunch of La Costa wearing Ivy Leaguers (or their reasonable equivalent). I just could not see them shagging that, much less rape! Plus how do you go about raping someone like Crystal Mangum? Gee, if that's what you're into offer her a pack of Kools and climb aboard, why get involved in a fight? She'd probably kick your ass anyway. Now Beyonce maybe, I could see that (not rape know). Skank-ass Crystal Mangum? Forgetaboutit, way way WAY too ghetto!
Anyway, back to the point. The fraternity slandered in this UVA thing should take legal action against the accuser, Rolling Stone magazine and every publication involved in spreading this malicious lie. The Chancellor of UVA needs to lift the suspension of sororities and fraternities and cut out the feminist drivel emanating from her fat pie-hole. She's given lip service to the fact that this was all made up bullshit but she's acting as if it were true. If she doesn't get her mind right then guys like CW should put some pressure on the university and see about firing the halfwit. She is not doing the students, the alumni nor the reputation of this absolute powerhouse of an academic institution any favors with her politically correct sanctions (it may be a lie but we KNOW the narrative is correct...and nows our chance). These school administrators have to be held accountable! At Duke Brodhead wasn't, the gang of 80+ leftist professors who hung the lacrosse players out to dry weren't, and that was fundamentally unjust. Nows OUR chance, get 'er done CW.

Did you see that North Carolina is 6th in teachers having illicit sex with students? We had one carpet-munching teacher (not that there's anything wrong with that) who had the student's name tattooed on her arm! Now that's some brazen shit is it not? I swear every time I turn around some phys ed instructor is getting busted for banging some 16 year old. But during the Hagan/Tillis campaign the NCAE was all about how the teachers were "professionals" and how they were mistreated, used and abused and of course HORRIBLY underpaid. Well correct me if I'm wrong, but don't professional organizations police themselves? Don't doctors police other doctors, lawyers lawyers etc.? Since when has a teacher's union policed anything? They're the ones getting lawyers for these pedos running rampant in our schools.

Well that's it, I'm outta scotch so must be time to go.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Hammer's College Football Round-Up: The Final Four

Well it's over, at least until January 15. The final four teams were just announced and it went just like everyone expected, like it had to be. Baylor and TCU are both excellent teams and arguably better than one or two of the teams actually selected, but that's not ALL that this thing is about.

But let's come back to that. Ohio State got in after a very impressive showing against a lackluster, phone-it-in, I don't want to be here Wisconsin Badger squad in the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. How in the world can a nationally ranked team go into a championship game and get humiliated 59 zip? I'm not surprised they lost but Wisconsin was not ready to play, which I find incomprehensible.
Q: Coach going into this game you were 10-2 and 7-1 in the Big Ten. You started the year by blowing an 11 point fourth quarter lead down in Baton Rouge, eventually losing to LSU 24-13. You came out today and your team showed no intensity or focus. You've obviously found the "off" switch, are you still looking for the "on".

The FSU vs Ga. Tech game in Charlotte (The Queen City) was actually better than I thought it would be. None of this dicking around this time for the Semiholes, they came out smoking...and so did Tech. The Jackets played as good as they know how, that triple option was clicking and a quarter in it was clear this would be a scoring contest....first mistake loses. Well Ga. Tech blinked first in the second and although the game was still very much in question, everybody had the feeling the die was cast.

Alabama did what they were expected to do against a quality Missouri team and Oregon got a little payback against Arizona. Big friggin' whoop!

So who got in and why. 'Bama, Oregon and FSU were in as long as they won, and they did. I've heard a bunch of talk how FSU was a "bubble" team. Bubble my ass. There guy's ain't lost a game since Florida in 2012, they're the defending National Champions, and a bunch of suits are gonna keep them out of the playoffs? Kiss my ass! Whoever thought up that line of bullshit needs to go into politics.

The question and controversy is who gets the four spot, Ohio State, Baylor or TCU? Here's my take.
If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd probably be thinking old Jim Delaney had a word with the Wisconsin AD (Delaney is a Carolina guy after all). You KNOW the Big Ten would forever and for all time be mortified if they did not have a team in the first playoff. It would strike such a bitterness in their hearts it would be like the Treaty of Versailles for a German. So who knows what actually happened, but Wisconsin losing in the manner they did, which is EXACTLY what OSU had to have, well it just stinks, stinks like a week old rat on your front porch in June. That's all I have to say.
TCU? No way. They lost to Baylor head to head and yesterday they beat a woeful Iowa State. Conversely Baylor beat Kansas State, a team that beat Oklahoma on the road, Texas, Ok St and WVU at Morgantown. Man I love TCU's offense, but you gotta go with Baylor in a matchup.

So, in my view Baylor got screwed, blued and tattood. But hey brotherman, SOMEBODY is gonna get fuqed so everything is everything. Anybody with half a brain knew everybody wanted Ohio State. The Buckeyes can generate interest, pull those TV numbers. Baylor and the minds of sports fans they are regional teams little better than the Richmond Spiders or Southern Miss. Look I'm just saying, I think Baylor should be there but I don't have a huge problem with Ohio State. But to the casual fan Ohio State means something, the Horny Frogs or the Baylor whatchamacallems don't.

Well that's it, I might post a little something after the playoff unless there's some drama in the mean time. It's been real and it's been nice, it just ain't been real nice. Now get outta my face bitch!
Oh shit, almost forgot. My pick to win it all?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's Like Watching Cars

Do you ever get the feeling you're watching Cars, or Flushed Away or Up in a theatre full of kids? Good Grief, just what the hell are you talking about Hammer! Well to start with I've seen those movies and I like them, not exactly Citizen Kane or Ernest Saves Christmas but mildly entertaining in a grammar school kind of way. No what I'm talking about is the media, the culture...the whole of American society. As a people we are so friggin' ignorant these days. We (again as a people) have little knowledge of our history (what we do know is usually wrong) we have no critical thinking skills to speak of and sadly most of us are loving every minute of it, could not care less. The fact that a man like Barack Obama can be elected President not once but TWICE tells you all you need to know.

Ignorance is the most dangerous thing in the world. Ignorance breeds stupidity, sloth, jealousy, envy and ultimately violence and destruction. Given enough time ignorance will turn us into slaves to be manipulated at the whim of any oppressor. We will become the mob, and if history proves anything it's that whatever comes after the mob is death. As evidence I offer the French Revolution (otherwise known as the Terror) or the Bolshevik Revolution, which showed the French how it's done (although the guillotine was a nice touch). I believe that is what's happening to us now.

Lord knows I'm no genius., but as I've said before I've got a pretty good "bullshit-o-meter"(usually). When I see things like Barack Obama touting the wonderful jobs numbers released yesterday 321,000 JOBS ADDED IN NOVEMBER,  and the media falling all over themselves with near rapture at the news, and seemingly the American public buying every Goddamned lying word of it, well as I said, it's like I'm watching a Pixar marathon matinee at the Parasitiformes Center for the Performing Arts Cinema Multiplex Complex. I'm being swept along by an emotionally driven narrative beyond my control in which reason and facts have no discernible impact whatsoever. Try telling a six year old Mater ain't for real.

"Hey Dad, wonder what Lighting McQueen is doing right now?" 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Big Fat Free For All Friday (CW in San Diego hanging out on yachts edition).

CW is off on the left coast doing his "I'm a defense strategist/genius and you ain't" thing so once again it's left to a dumb Redneck to do HIS job. But that's ok, I don't mind. Rednecks been covering for Yankees since the founding of this great nation (the intellectual horsepower provided by toothless Southern scum I might add). So let's get started.
What's on your mind? In New York City and can't afford thirteen bucks for a pack of Newports and "loosies" appear to be no longer available? Had a close encounter with a gang of white police officers and got yourself put in a choke-hold at the direction of a BLACK FEMALE supervising cop who happened to be just off camera? Got yourself put on Governor Cuomo's "Cigarette Strike Force" person-of-interest list due to that raging nicotine jones you got going on?
Please, free associate, we be here to help.
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