Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Am Fat

With nine straight weeks of limited exercise and unlimited gluttony, I have achieved a record state of corpulence.  And while I knew this would be the case given the work schedule and the trip to Israel, there is a not insignificant tinge of disappointment in my report.  Not that I am fat, mind you.  That is obvious, known in advance, predictable, etc.  No, my disappointment stems from the fact that even with all of the excess of the last two months, I was not able to crack the mythical "2 Bills" (200 lbs) mark.  My post-sloth weigh in on Tuesday morning in fact only beat my previous high by two tenths of a pound, at 197.8.

And so, I began two days ago yet another quest to drop a few pounds and exercise a little more.  Since I'm on a semi-sabbatical right now, I'm finding the sledding easy, with little excuse to blow off the weigh in and access to a lot of good, healthy choices for meals.

Some of you may know that I have made an important career choice; I will still be in the defense consulting business, but it will be through my own little firm called The FerryBridge Group.   I will still be associated with the wonderful people at Delex who gave me my start in the business, but not on a full-time basis.  Building up my base of clients will take a bit of time and effort, but the plain fact is that things slow down a bit in the summer anyway, so the opportunity exists for me to lessen my own pace a bit, before a full throttle effort later in the summer.    Perhaps by then, I won't be as fat.


PK said...

"Service disabled Veteran"?
Hearing loss?
It surprises me to see you pull that out. Not criticizing, just observing.Anyway...
Congrats on the exciting development. I wish you the best! (And am quite sure you'll achieve it.)

And if I run across any folks who need focused, solution-oriented support designed to advance organizational goals and priorities, I'll send them your way!

The Conservative Wahoo said...

PK--a very good catch on your part.

Here's the deal:

It isn't that I "pull that out". The SDVOB designation is one which distinguishes a business owned by a Service Disabled Veteran. Which I am. Not just hearing loss, dearie (speak up), but myriad other ailments. Few, if any, are in so good a position as you to judge my deterioration over the years, no?

But more importantly, when companies pursue government contracts, there is often language in the solicitation that specifies a certain percentage of the revenue that has to go to SDVOB's--and big companies are often looking for little companies with the SDVOB designation to partner with. Hence, my "pulling that one out"

NavyAustin said...


Best of luck with your new venture! I predict wild success.

BigFred said...

Hey Fatboy,
You need someone to keep your calendar and keep the story. Telework only. I am available.

And get your corpulence on some form of the paleo diet. You don't drink beer, and have NO REASON to be a fatty. NavyAustin and I have lost a large 8th grader between us (pounds) by eating MORE bacon. True Story.

And you live on a farm? Or have acres at your command? Here is your remediation plan: Dig post holes. THAT will bust your hump. Then graduate to slit trenches.

Anonymous said...

Tongkat Ali.

Anonymous said...

You should reach your goal of touching 2 bills before heading back down, just to say you've been there. You are a biscuit away, go for it fatso.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Damn, that's cold Anon.

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