Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Hammer's Almost Weekly College Football Review

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way, boy do we suck! FSU had NCSU 35 zip with six minutes to go in the 1st quarter.  Jeez it was embarrassing. Especially when Duke is showing real competitiveness, once again overachieving and beating Va. Tech in Blacksburg. And Wake looked good as hell against a strong Miami squad. 

The thing is Duke and Wake don't have a tremendous amount of talent, but they are extremely well coached with COACHABLE kids. I think at schools like State (and sorry to say Maryland and UVA) they tend to recruit more along the lines of physically talented players rather than a more holistic approach of recruiting "good" players. At these kinds of schools we will lose out every time to the Clemsons and Florida States of the world for the big name recruits, so what we end up with is a second rate kid in terms of talent who may or may not be teachable. Duke and Wake do it right, we're just chasing the SEC's rejects. 

Now that I got that off my chest on to the national picture. Alabama keeps rolling spanking what I think is a pretty decent Tennessee team (a word Yankees cannot spell), The "Quack Attack" is showing no signs of petering out thumping a #12 (BULLLLL-SHIT!) UCLA by a ton, and as I've already mentioned FSU didn't hurt themselves yesterday. The "Old Ball Coach" got a good win at Missouri in double overtime but the Cocks still have a lot of problems. Auburn is looking good and might give Alabama a game. Stanford is still the second best team out West (Fresno State my ass!) and OK State could be a spoiler for Baylor. 

So, we've got Miami, FSU, Alabama, Northern Illinois (forgetaboutit), Baylor, Oregon, THE Ohio State University and Fresno State all undefeated. The big-un this week will be the "U" at Florida State.  Stay tuned.

Oh, in the Bundesliga...
Leverkusen FC Augsburg
Hannover 96 TSG Hoffenheim
Mainz Eintracht Braunschweig

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