Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free for All

Start Weight:  197.8 (January 1, 2013--a new record)
Last Weigh-in:  197.8
Today's Weigh-in: 191.8

On the day of the election, I was 182 pounds.  In under two months, I was able to gain 15.8 pounds due to sloth and gluttony.  No more of that.

What's on your minds, people?  C'mon now, share.


PK said...

How could you possibly lose 6 lbs in 3 days?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

1. Don't get carried away....only 3% of my vast body weight.

2. Weight was taken after a particularly bruising bender of gluttony, to include multiple helpings of oyster stew, chili and swedish meatballs.

3. I am amazing.

Tom de Plume said...

Start measuring your weight in stone, like the English do. You'll feel thinner.

Uncle Willie said...

Does anyone beside me notice the added amount of TV commercials of late? There are no more 1/2 hour (30 minute) news broadcasts. They are now 27 minutes as they secure early and have almost 9 minutes of commercials. Believe me, - I put the stop watch on Dianne Sawyer before Christmas and almost a third of her broadcast was commercials. The black community has decreased unemployment status as they are almost 100% in every TV commercial and they are supposed to represent only 13.7% of the overall population. I love the lawyer, attorney commercials. They are all ambulance chasers. "Slip and fall in the supper market? Call us , we'll get you full compensation"! I am old enough to remember when attornys were looked up to as reviered members of the community, now most are the scum of the earth until you may need a good one to settle a court case. While I'm at it - the people who invented didigital TV commercials should be hung by the (woops don't say it). They flash by and you can't tell what they're selling - as if I really carred in the first place.

Uncle Willie said...

Oh I forgot to mention. If you have satellite or cable TV feed, you're paying for the hated TV commercials. You can beat the system with rabbit ears folks!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Willie, you have hit on a point that has gotten my attention and deserves comment.
Along the same line about black community representation on TV commercials, have you noticed that about 99.9% of buffoons/foils/objects of derision on TV are white males?
Also, have you noticed that the DUI commercials (where the cars and truck interiors and motorcycle helmet visor are filled with alcohol products) involve only white males? And that the home security commercials only show white males as the perps?

Watching the now-popular tax prep commercials, you don't find a single white male filing their tax return.

And while on the rant, I thought a law was passed that was supposed to limit commercial's volume (audio, vice quantity, though that would've been nice, too).

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