Thursday, May 16, 2013

They Get It!

This has been a wild two weeks. First Benghazi comes to a head (sorta), then we get the AP scandal with the old media sounding like a cheated on woman in denial (Not MY MAN!) and now potentially the most dangerous of all for the administration, the IRS scandal. But I'm still not convinced the media will do it's job, they adore this guy! For them he's JFK, MLK, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi all rolled into one. They may feel jilted, but trust me, they will find a way to blame underlings or perhaps sequester cuts brought on by Republicans and they'll even try to brass their way through. In fact, it's already started.

Jeffrey Toobin gives us a taste of this method (WARNING: only to be used with a fawning, compliant media) with this opening line for a piece in the New Yorker "Washington's scandal machinery, rusty from recent disuse, is cranking back up to speed due to the alleged targeting of conservative groups by the IRS". The IRS has already admitted to the illegal targeting but he says "alleged". He goes on to ask "Did the IRS actually do anything wrong?" According to Toobin the real problem is our campaign laws and 501(c) organizations which are overwhelmingly Republican, and asks us to believe that Democrats would probably do the same thing but "...they lacked the Republican base for funding..." WOW! Hold the phone, I think we got a live one on the other end!

The thing is Benghazi is a confusing mess, and although it may get some traction with guys like us who are big into politics, it will not hurt the Democrats or Obama. It might be a negative for Hillary, but it can be overcome. The AP scandal is much the same thing. Was it wrong and illegal and should heads roll for AG Holder on down? Hell yes! Will it happen? Hell No! But the IRS scandal, now there's one the American people can sink their teeth into. They understand the IRS. That's where their money goes. Most Americans couldn't find Benghazi on a map with a gun to their head, and AP...who's that? But with the IRS, they get that one.

So we'll see how it plays out, but don't in a million years expect the media to do its job. Not gonna happen.

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Mudge said...

The narrative from the leftists regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups is of course, "it's all Citizens United's fault" and, it almost goes without saying, "the Commissioner was a Bush appointee." The libs may be slipping though--not one mention of the Koch Brothers as a possible cause.

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