Sunday, August 12, 2012

Daddy's Out of Town and I Found the Keys to the Liquor Cabinet

I knew this day would come. Patience is a virtue I don't normally possess but I've been bidding my time, just waiting for the right moment to strike, the exact time to put the stamp of HAMMER on this rather cautious and dour blog.

So my day has finally arrived. While CW transverses the Transvaal in search of the ever elusive wildebeest, I shall start a new series entitled "Restoring the American Dream: A Post Apocalyptic Guide to Freedom, Capitalism and the Destruction of Statism". I will attempt to show the way back to an America of freedom, justice, prosperity and civic responsibility. I will, dear reader, show you the things we must do, the things we should do and the things that may not be so obvious but I think are necessary. I will do all this with not a thought for political correctness, prudence or deference as I owe you nothing but my honest thoughts and opinion.

So, while our esteemed colleague and leader is out on the Veld crapping in a slit-trench and getting eaten alive by Tsetse flies, let's have some fun.


Anonymous said...

So stop hitting the hootch and start writing!

Sally said...

Why didn't we ask him, if had the time to read fifty books and watch thirty movies, why he didn't have time to blog?

Tom de Plume said...

No flies present. Damn fine looking bath facilities too, a tub AND a shower.

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