Thursday, April 25, 2013

On the Road Again.....

For the last two days I have awakened to the alarm of a white work truck parked outside my first floor motel room in lovely Lawton, OK.  Early.  The front desk guy was sympathetic, and said he'd get the guy to move his truck (apparently he is working nearby on a job site)--but that the reason it was parked right out front was that it had been broken into last month.  Apparently the burglars are at it again.  Note to self, don't leave the Garmin GPS rigged anymore.

So there you have it.  I'm once again in flyover country, Lawton OK, where I've been since Tuesday.  Sorry (Captain Todd) for the failure to blog from the airport, but I was with two colleagues and their conversation kept me from my duties. We'll fly out late Friday afternoon and I'll get back to my Kittens somewhere around 0130 Saturday. 

Some of you are aware of the great struggles I have experienced with motel room coffee machines. I am happy to report no problems here, though I do continue to marvel at the industrial grade electrical cords that get attached to coffee makers and hairdryers in motel rooms. 

Is it just me, or do the rest of you find that the cheaper the hotel/motel, the more likely high speed internet is to be free?  The wickedly expensive Hawaiian hotels I've been shacking up in also rook you for daily internet.  Sometimes it is part of a "resort fee", whatever the hell that is.

Like the rest of you, I followed the bombing in Boston with a great deal of attention.  Twitter was indispensable for staying up to the minute in the latest scurrilous rumor, and occasionally there would be a report that was true.  I'm staggered by the pure number of reports that came out that subsequently were proven to be false. Some of the latest reporting indicates that the little miscreant in the boat was actually unarmed when apprehended, which sorta undercuts the whole "shootout at the OK corral" reports we got earlier.  And so it goes.  The media hops on stories like this like a hobo on a ham sandwich and gets much of it wrong in an effort to get much of it first. 

The flights out here were unmolested by the passive aggressive actions of air-traffic controllers, doing the wildcat slow-roll in order to inconvenience air travelers enough that President Obama can get more tax increases.  I think the President is seriously over-extended on this one, as no one I talk to hangs the flight delays reported on the Congress--just the President. 

I realize that my blogging has been pretty crappy in the face of stories that should get a Conservative pretty riles up.  The Gosnell Trial, the Boston bombing, the gun control fight, and immigration--all are in the news.  But the plain truth is that the Presidential election took a lot of wind out of my political sails, and I still don't think I'm quite up to fighting trim again.  As I've covered before, I have substituted the conflict of sports radio--in which I have no real interest in outcomes--with the conflict of POTUS Radio on SIRIUS--and the very important issues in which I do/did have interest in outcomes.  I am a hell of a lot better informed to opine on the NBA playoffs than I am on the intricacies of the immigration debate going on right now.  I don't think this is a permanent condition, but it does account for some of the laggardly performance of this blog.

Ok--that's all for now.  Big, hard, hairy day today.  Gotta go tackle it.

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Mudge said...

Don't beat yourself up about your blogging. You've been an excellent guest blogger to The Daily Hammer.

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