Sunday, April 28, 2013

Power Meets Glitz at the White House Correspondents' Annual Gala

Last night Conan O'Brien hosted the annual White House Correspondents' bash at the Hilton in Washington, DC, and what an evening it was! The event is always a hot ticket in Hollywood circles and this years crop of celebs and power players did not disappoint. Tinseltown titans Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Steven Speilberg and Harvey Weinstein showed up to hobnob with the political elite, along with Shaqille O'Neal, Jon Bon Jovi and even Lindsay Lohan. But if you weren't lucky enough to score a ticket, maybe you caught one of the ancillary shindigs such as the Creative Coalition Celebrates Women in Media party held at the Ritz Carlton and hosted by Nora O'Donnell and Alex Wagner? Or perhaps the New Yorker Mag Cocktail Reception on the rooftop terrace of the W was more your thing? Regardless, be it the Hollywood Reporter/Google at the W (the "in" hotel this year), the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair at the French Ambassador's residence or MSNBC's "The After Party" at the Italian Embassy, you'll be in the company of the beautiful and the powerful.

So, let's get down to business; best dressed and worst dressed.

BEST DRESSED had to be the irrepressible Katy Perry. She looked absolutely killer in her Giambattista Valli gown with metallic, twig-accented belt. She tamed her opulent boobage (much to the chagrin of many a Washington insider) but we're betting she still raised a few flagpoles. 
KatyKat completed her knockout look with glossy tumbling waves and a single good ring on her index finger. VERY Roman!

WORST DRESSED was undoubtedly Australian comedienne Rebel Wilson ( I know, I've never heard of her either). She may very well deserve the Victoria Cross for bravely showing up in a Navy blue moo moo apparently adapted from the tent sale currently going on at REI. Ms. Wilson is all smiles at the prospect of faking a posh British accent while skulling free Fosters all night. 

But let's not forget why we're here; to watch a vulgar display of narcissism and self congratulation, and to bow down and kiss the ass of the corporate media, the politicians and the entertainment elite who control and manipulate us. We are just hicks and rubes out in "fly over" country who are in awe of the powerful, and rightly so. Our wonderful President and beautiful First Lady deserve our respect and gratitude as they could not represent the elite any better. Louis XVI would be proud.


Mudge said...

What these self-absorbed deluded people can't imagine is that most of us wouldn't attend one of their events if they paid us to attend. What I can't imagine is that there exists any group of people with whom I would less want to share a fraction of my life, however brief.

Anonymous said... about dinner with Robin Quinlan?

Mudge said...

Ha! I specified "group" of people. Throw Dr. Barry F in the mix and you're getting a good start. But at least they believe this country, in the form the Founders created, is worth fighting for. There are damned few in Hollywood, media or this Administration who could claim membership in their peer group. Nope, given the choice for an evening's company, I'd go with Barry and Robin.

Mudge said...
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