Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Brother Loves the Brotherhood

Q. What's the quickest way to peace?
A. Give up.

One of the better known blogs is reporting that 140k teargas canisters (that's right, one hundred and forty thousand) just arrived in Egypt the other day from the US, presumably to address their crowd control problems associated with malcontents who thought the "Arab Spring" was about overthrowing dictatorship, instituting democracy, self determination...things like that. So, if I've got my facts straight we've given the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamo-Fascist organization dedicated to the overthrow of ALL civilization on planet earth not in keeping with Sharia law; money (1.5 billion dollars in direct aid with 4.5 billion in I.M.F. loans just around the corner), military hardware (F-16's and God only knows what else) and the moral and political support of the United States of America. All the while these fanatical thugs are raping and murdering Coptic Christians, running sham elections and declaring women or Christians "unsuitable" for government positions.

I though we were the ones who opposed theocracies and terror and extremism? Apparently not. Obama has consistently aided and abetted, run interference for and generally sucked up to every thug in the Muslim world, all on behalf of the American people. The brother loves the Brotherhood.

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