Friday, November 1, 2013

Party Time!

This is the Google "barge" discovered recently floating out in San Francisco Bay, reportedly there's another one on the east coast as well. Google told the press it's a "showroom" for high rollers. A showroom... really? Ok fine. I'm an old fart not attuned to modern nerd-think so maybe so. Maybe those dweebs at Google want a party barge they can float around at a cost of probably a billion dollars. After all, why go to Vegas and rent a convention center filled with food, drink and high-dollar hookers when you can have this thing? But I am struck by how much this floating building looks like a com-center. It looks remarkably like so many secure communications facilities operated by the US government that it should have a name like Bauhaus or Art Deco or something. And if I were a jaded, cynical, conspiracy theorist I'd say this was a listening station targeted at us the American people. But what the hell do I know?


LL said...

A nerd party may not need to include high dollar hookers -- when you can listen into steamy, erotic phone calls and can tap into naked pictures that lovers (think Mayoral Candidate Weiner) are sending to others.

C-Low said...

Not to mention wouldn't a floating high roller show house have at least a placard on the outside, and some basic aesthetics short of a floating brick.

Another thing I noticed is this giant white box resembles a huge version of what has been leaked to be the foreign diplo sniffer that has been pictured on US embassies the world over. Although these behemoths are multiples larger.

Mudge said...

Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, had some scarey views on privacy and Government's "authority" to its citizens' private information. There has long been an unholy alliance between Google (the people who have every single keystroke and mouse click you make while on the Internet) and the US Government (the people who have every single keystroke and mouse click you make while on the Internet). Just as floating casinos use their disattachment from the land and, therefore, the laws thereof, I can't help but wonder if this might indeed be a Progressive concoction for immune mischief. I have no evidence whatsoever that this is what they are up to but if time proves that it is, well, let's just say that my surprise meter's needle will barely twitch.

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