Saturday, November 11, 2017

Why The US Intelligence Community Dislikes The President

The U.S. intelligence community was unanimously aligned when it came to whether or not the Russian government attempted to interfere in our election. To the extent that there was even minor disagreement, it was in whether that interference was designed solely to benefit Trump, or whether it was designed to inject chaos and doubt into our system.  That's it. That's the truth. There is not getting around it. No one has mentioned collusion. No one has mentioned a single member of the Trump campaign. They messed around in our election and that is a fact.

Except to the President, who oversees the U.S. intelligence community.  To wit:

When his buddy Vlad gets upset, he gets the President's ear. The President doesn't say, "well Vlad, you're full of shit. You gave the order and your people interfered in our election." But maybe the President is just passing along the info for the benefit of his fellow that we can make our own judgments. No--that's not it either. Because he believes Putin. How do I know this?

I'm sorry I keep updating this, but he keeps giving me more material.

There was a time when "conservatives" recognized that Russia was not our friend. 

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