Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

For the few years I've maintained this blog, the week before New Years brought a standard couple of posts. One was resolutions, and the other was predictions. In each, I reviewed the success of the previous year's version and then made ten new ones. With this new and improved version of the blog, a new New Year's tradition. No more predictions--I sucked at them anyway. And I won't labor to get ten resolutions out. Just a few.

Resolution Number 1: Focus. If I'm watching a basketball game, watch the game. If I'm talking with Catherine, talk with Catherine. Put the phone or the laptop down and do one thing at a time.

Resolution Number 2: Under-react. More poise, self-control. Less huffing and puffing.

Resolution Number 3: Be more social. I do plenty on the Western Shore--mostly related to my job. I (and Catherine) need to do more socially here in Easton. It's too easy to hunker down on the farm by the fire--need to get out more.

Got up early today and spent the morning in a goose blind with superb company. I didn't shoot anything, but I walked away with two fat geese as my buddy was more successful and has a freezer full of goose already. It was 16 degrees when the hunt started, and 21 when it was over--but the wind was non-existent and I was dressed warmly.

The view from the blind, with decoys deployed

The Kitten put me to work when I got home on making my famous roasted cauliflower and roasted brussels sprouts. She's resolving to eat more healthy, and we now have a refer full of these delicacies. A long nap followed, before committing to watching college football. As I write this, Georgia and Oklahoma are headed to overtime in what has been a superb game. Moving these semi-final games to New Year's Day makes a lot of sense. NCAA was stupid for having them previously on New Year's Eve.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a superb 2018.

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