Saturday, January 6, 2018

Our President is Unstable

I wrote Thursday of the Michael Wolff tell-all that is adding texture to what we already knew--that the President is unfit for the job and his senior advisers know it. An entire nation whistles past the grave-yard as this amazing time plays out before us. For those readers with the good judgment not to be on Twitter, I will reproduce a few of our Chief Executive's Twitter offerings from earlier today.

Which was followed by:

And then: 

This series of Tweets elicited the following from me:

Let's face it folks, very few if any people reading this blog are capable of making clinical diagnoses of DSM-V cataloged personality disorders. Even those qualified to make such diagnoses often get it wrong. What we are all (or most of us) capable of doing is judging the character, morals, and ethics of another human being based on the things he or she says or writes. We don't need degrees, we don't need advanced education, we don't need the DSM-V. "That boy ain't right" is not the utterance of a clinical psychologist--but an assessment most of us have made about someone else simply based on a common understanding of humanity. And by that standard, Donald Trump just ain't right.

Friends--this is the most powerful man in the world. There is NOTHING above this. In the annals of what can be achieved within an American life, Donald Trump has unquestionably succeeded wildly. So why must he continually seek validation? Why is the approval of the mainstream media so critically important to him (and don't kid yourselves, it is)?  

There is another dysfunction at work here. In the great contest between anti-Trump former Republicans/faithful conservatives and the Trumpenproletariat, the former (like me) have no problem granting that this man we consider vile has had a handful of laudable accomplishments (which are incidentally, the kind of GOPe stuff they railed against); the latter however, are simply unable to grant that their man's character and demeanor are the least bit troubling. Noted. 


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh Grasshopper,,,STILL wrapped around the axel!!!!! Looking at ALL the comments in reaction to you blog'n self engrandisement efforts ,,, such a waste of misguided effort!!!!! Happy 2018 fish'n!!!!!

BigFred said...

I wish he would leave twitter alone. I am sort of OK with the rest. Sort of.

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