Friday, January 12, 2018

People I Love

The recent death of a friend has been an opportunity for me to reflect on the people I love. I didn't love Shawn Brimley, but I admired him a great deal and liked him immensely. I wish I had told him these things before he died, and I think it is a good late addition to my 2018 Resolutions to be more expressive of my affection for the people in my life.

This morning I had my monthly massage (don't judge me). I usually am able to clear my mind for this hour and concentrate pretty much on the massage itself, but today was different. I found myself thinking about who I love--and by that, I mean the people in my life whose health, contentedness, and safety are of great importance to me. I did this because I resolved to be more forthcoming with these people in the year ahead. And to start this process, I list them here today. If you are not on the list, it is because 1) I don't love you (I may still like you a whole lot)  2) I love you, but I am a forgetful and addled curmudgeon and I hope to rectify leaving you off the list or 3) I already tell you a great deal that I love you. The list is chronologically ordered by decade, using the names under which I came to know these people. Some I see every day. Some I rarely see. Some--I am pretty sure think far less of me than I do of them. But I love them nevertheless, and if by some happenstance they see this, I want them this very minute to know that I love them.

Jim McGrath, Tom McGrath, Sean McGrath, Patrick McGrath

Kelly McGrath, Mark Sanders, Bill O'Keefe, Dave Ottignon,

Art Sharon, Sam Evangelista, Jennie Gillies, Chris Wutzer, Kathy Zeaser, Jack Ewing, Paul Garvin, Toni Cudney, Stephanie Wilson, Alyson Buchney, John Shea, Tom Coulter, Rob Ganus, Mark Senell, Scott Waskey, Dan Sweeney, George Davidson, Caroline Cobb, Julie Greer, Art Greer, Marti Greer, Adam Greer, Craig Devlin, Gordon Ballard, Fred Sheehy, Robert Duran, Nevin Carr, Bernie Carter, Debbie Borelli, Sue Beck

Alan Eschbach, Eric Sweigard, Dave Britt, Hank Giffin, Steve Hampton, Brad Cooper, Pat Piercey, Dan Sunvold, Eric Watkins, Bruce Curry, Hans Gulick, Con Xefteris, Chris Peterschmidt, Jim Kilby, Kristin Schmidt, Joe Harrington, Dave Deutermann, Julie Williams, Tim Long, Fred Kacher, Jake Ross, Joe Corsi, Jill Serrano, Kevin Mooney, Mark Gorenflo, Stephanie McGrath, David Odoherty, Meaghan McGrath, Kevin McGrath, Lauren McGrath, Morgan McGrath

Skaidra Blanford, Jimmy Blanford, Jim Blanford, Sally Blanford, Phil Waggoner, Dan Karbler, Bob Barwis, Nate Kring, John Ennis, Peter Swartz, Bryan Clark, Jeff Wilson, Todd Leavitt, Ann White, Tiny White, Hope Murphy, Hannah Murphy, Colin McGrath, Liam McGrath, Emma McGrath, Conor O'Doherty, Rory O'Doherty

Sandy Clark, Tim Walton

I may have forgotten people. Some readers may think my bar is low, and that what I believe is love for another human being is insufficiently differentiated from "like" or "care about". So be it. I have my standard, these people meet it, I want them to know it, and I am utterly grateful to have the love in my heart for them that I do.

For those with a discerning eye, neither my parents nor the Kitten are on this list. I felt they fall under #3 above. But it goes without saying that I love them very much.

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BigFred said...

I am not going to bullshit you or anyone who reads this by saying that I was not deeply affected by reading this. I saw it on my FB feed but was on my phone on the way home and just looked it up now.

I am humbled and flattered. The number of people that we know in common without actually being in the same time and space is staggering.

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