Friday, June 7, 2013

This Administration is in Trouble

News yesterday and today about Verizon having to turn over daily cellphone records (presumably other carriers received the same order) and many social media servers being back-doored by NSA contributes to the serious bleeding that the Administration is suffering. Add this to the IRS issue, the AP/Fox News over-reach, and the cover-up of the Benghazi response, and we're left with a picture of a Presidency in trouble.  But there are cautions here for Republicans.

First, there can be no disputing it.  Mr. Obama's view of a positive and benign federal government--is increasingly coming under fire. This is because he has so broadened Uncle Sam's scope and reach into everyday lives, that when excesses occur, they are truly excessive.  That's some of what we're seeing now. 

Additionally, he continues to be exposed as an opportunistic hypocrite.  The man ran in 2008 on a platform that continually criticized the sitting President for his over-reach in the war on terror--and in office, he has not only continued Bush's programs, but he has amped them up.  This is undoubtedly what we will find in this Prism/NSA issue. 

But a word of caution to Republicans--unless you are a libertarian, I'd recommend restricting criticism of the President to the hypocrisy charge.  With respect to the Verizon and Prism issues, I am pretty certain the record will show that the administration followed the law and obtained valid rulings from the FISA court. The laws in question are ones Republicans supported enthusiastically, save for our Libertarian friends.  Let's not all of a sudden try and convince ourselves that we didn't support the Patriot Act.

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Tom de Plume said...

I'm in no fear of being called a hypocrite. I figure once Barry took over, he saw being a leader was a tough job, especially compared to the soft unaccountable life he had led previously. No, I prefer to mock the mindless, childish liberals who excoriated Bush and continue to worship their Chicago Messiah.

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