Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Hammer's College Football Review: Week 5, the "almost" Edition

Let's get this out of the way because I'm sure most of you could give a rat's ass. If you don't like it, screw you I'm talking about it anyway.
My beloved North Carolina State Wolfpack hosted the Number 1 Florida State Seminoles yesterday at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC. We played them tough, displayed a lot of talent, character, discipline and poise but eventually lost 56-41 having being outscored 14-4 in the final quarter. That's the difference between a team like State and an FSU...depth. FSU can platoon their players in and out and not loose a lot in quality, teams like State can't. So when the 4th. quarter rolls around the fresher legs prevail.
But I'm not disappointed. A lot of questions were answered and if State ain't a top 20 team then CW is not a man of a thousand hats (most ugly as hell of course). But who can go wrong with dedicated fans like these guys? Dressing up as a bunch of Rednecks ha ha ha. Somebody should tell these guys Halloween is a month away ha ha ha.

So, on to other games. UVA won beating some rinky-dink team (really, who gives a shit?) Duke lost to Miami, UNC got trashed by Clemson and Pitt lost to Akron. Syracuse lost, BC lost and Va. Tech got past an outmanned W. Michigan. So far all these "football" schools they brought into the ACC aren't doing too well.
Speaking of Michigan, they lost again but Mich. State won. There's a good few one loss teams in the Big Ten, so even though the league may be down a bit it still looks real competitive. Penn State is 4-1 but got dusted by Northwestern yesterday (all they could manage was two field goals).
Down in the Lone Star State Texas A&M, Baylor and TCU are undefeated and the Texas Longhorns are playing 500 ball. That must gripe their burnt-orange asses I'd say.
In the SEC Tennessee played Georgia tough with a killer passing attack but couldn't stop Todd Hurley (a funk-soul-brother with a preppy name, I love when that happens!) who gashed the Vols for 200+ yards. Misery spanked the frustrated and frustrating Gamecocks in Columbia (guess which one) and Auburn remains undefeated...'Bama had the week off.
Oh, I did want to mention my former employer the Shepherd Rams are 4-0 beating West Virginia Wesleyan 56-7 yesterday. Their average margin of victory this year is about 35 points so they must be pretty good. What's that? "Hammer, you worked at a college?" Why yes I did. I was the Chair of the Philosophy Department don't you know (the less said about that the better!).

Anyway that's it. I'm in a foul mood after yesterday's loss so I'm outta here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Illegals in the Military

News here of a new DoD policy that will allow illegal aliens to serve in the military.  This is a military which--mind you--is sending people home because it is "too big".  Capped at 1500 a year, the camel's nose is in the tent.

One more case of this President's utter disregard for our sovereignty.

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Good morning, friends.  Is there anything you'd like to share?  Better out than in, as Grandma always said.

I am huge, and stepping on the scale is not in my plan today.

A lot of travel coming up in the next two weeks, so perhaps some musings from the road to follow.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ruminations from a Superficial Mind: Midterm Bitchfest Edition

How is this woman even in the NC Senate race? How bad a candidate do you have to be, to be losing to this woman at this stage in the campaign? She came in on the Obama wave. She has supported every last thing Barack Obama and the Democrat majority in the Senate told her to support, including Obamacare (she parroted Obama's "if you like your plan..." of which there is ample video evidence). She gets nearly every last penny for her campaign from out of state sources (she missed an important ISIL briefing the other day, fundraising in Manhattan don't you know). She's from Florida (niece of Lawton Chiles), she's not attractive (I'm being kind), she has a BaBa WaWa lisp and the State went for Mitt Romney last election. So how? Thom Tillis that's how. We've gone from "I'm not a witch" to "I'm the invisible man". Well done RNC (and the NRSC), once again you've snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
This is the kind of emails guys like me are getting. I guess this is what Country Club Republicans thinks is good fundraising.
Senator Hatch sent me the list of people that have not confirmed their NRSC charter membership for the 2014 election and you were on it. I told him that this doesn’t seem correct, but that I would reach out to you. 
"Charter membership", to what, the all time chumps club? No thanks. It's because of you guys the Democrats have a what amounts to a lock on the Presidency for the next 100 years. I am not motivated by being in some God-damn bullshit "charter membership" and I resent that you would think I'm that stupid. Tell me how you're going to eviscerate Harry Reid and then I might shoot you a couple of bucks. But nooooo, that might alienate the moderates. Friggin' losers!

I was reading a Charlotte blog by a very bright conservative lady D.C. McAllister and she breaks down why women are putting Hagan over the top. It's boils down to the same old issue; freedom vs. equality. Many women equate abortion with equality, and any...ANY contrarian position is deemed out of hand and anti-woman. I have been saying for 35 years conservatives need to put the abortion issue to bed, once and for all. From the Republican perspective it's all bad. Look I know we've got some social conservatives out there who are absolutely opposed to abortion under any and all circumstances, but so what? They haven't been to the polls in any kind of numbers since GWB so what difference does it make? I say do what should have been done years ago, propose a grand compromise: Unlimited abortion in the first trimester plus a week (the plus a week looks good). After that you had damned well better have a legitimate medical reason and I'm mean LEGIT! Now there would be a few exceptions that being crack ho's, prostitutes, Mexicans (just kidding...sorta), but otherwise strictly enforced. This would put the Dems on the defensive real quick and, if handled right take the issue away. Plus it's good law. But until SOMETHING is done, this is a stick the Democrats will continue to use until it doesn't work anymore...and that ain't happened yet.

That's all I got. But I was thinking, I should sign up for Hagan's mailing list.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Hammer's College Football Wrap-Up: Week 4

The man to the left with the Excedrin headache is Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney (unusual name even for a redneck). He's just watched his team blow a lead, blow opportunities and blow a game his team should have won. Life can be cruel but his problem was not football, his problem was not preparing his team to be winners. Being a winner is a big responsibility. Being on top carries with it an obligation to excellence. It's easy to be a loser, nobody expects anything from a loser, but from winners everything (and more) is expected. His team, his staff and the whole Clemson organization chose the easy way out...they CHOSE it, and he's probably wondering why they lost.

Well, now that I've set Coach Swinney straight, lets see what happened yesterday. Hmmm, what's this I wonder. UVA flew out to Provo and lost to the Fighting Polygamists from Brigham Young? Tough break all around. I watched a bit of the game, and caught the turning point when Virginia had a short yardage situation and BYU stripped the ball for a fumble. Woulda been called forward progress anywhere else, but them's the breaks. A back east team goes on the road out west, better expect a little home cooking (nice call mayor). So suck it up CW, your guys are still better than last year.

Did you catch any of the Carolina ECU game in Greenville? Great Googly Moogly, ECU hung 70 points on the hapless, hopeless, Heels. 789 yards in total offense! This broke ECU previous best from 1975 by nearly 100 yards (ECU vs. UVA). But let me tell you what, the Pirates are one good football team! Offensively they can hang with anybody I'd say. But ain't it a shame though, the poor Tar Heels just can't get a break. I guess when Coach Fedora is playing with his own recruits rather than the mercenaries Butch Davis brought in, well it seems he ain't that great a coach after all.

Around the country there were a few upsets but nothing to write home about. Mizzou lost to Indiana, Va. Tech lost again, Duke keeps rolling along and my beloved WolfPack embarrassingly beat Presbyterian 42-0 (embarrassing for us, why are we playing this team?). LSU looked like total shit against the Missississississippi State Bulldogs at home and the Big 10 continues its downward spiral with Utah beating the once great Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor (Bo Schembechler is spinning in his grave) 26-10. Out west Oregon, Oregon State and Arizona all remain undefeated.

Well that's about it. C-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Do Us All A Favor ESPN, Piss off!

Ok ok, I get it. If the wife gets drunk and starts ragging your ass down to the ground in a public place, then backhands you, do not, I repeat DO NOT go Joe Frazier on her ass and give her the old left hook (at least not on camera). It could end your career.

I say that only partially in jest. Yes indeed what Ray Rice did was wrong, but the sista was acting the fool too. If a woman is drunk enough or stupid enough to backhand a guy who plays professional football and has had a drink or two himself, then hey, it's assumed risk in my view. Plus these two look like they've been down this road before, after all she was only Rice's fiancee at the time and has since married him.

So the guy lost his gig, I hope the feminists are happy. There was nary a peep out of them when OJ was busily defending himself from, what was it again, nearly beheading his ex-wife and stabbing some poor guy to death. Tammy Bruce who was big in NOW-LA documented it pretty well. NOW was told to sit OJ out quietly, and they did. Come to find out NOW is not really a "women's" group per se, it's just a progressive outfit who's assigned mission is "women's issues". There's a lot of that stuff in leftist circles. Most environment groups don't give two craps about the environment, if they did they'd be bitching up a storm about China, India and Brazil. No, what they care about is the power to control American energy and development...and NOW cares about terrorizing American males and putting females in positions of authority (as long as they're PROGRESSIVE females that is).

In addition to all the preaching we've had to put up with all weekend from the likes of those punks over at ESPN (and others), we now have a "lesbian athlete" telling us "America needs to reprogram the way we raise men". This sound advice comes from a lesbian who made a big deal a couple of years ago about how she "came out" to her teammates on the Colorado women's b-ball team. Really? I'm sure they were shocked! I would certainly like to hear her views but there are just a couple of troubling statements I need cleared up. First, she says "I'm not going down the road of pitting women against women" suggests to me she's coming at this from a female only perspective. Is not domestic violence a societal problem not restricted to this or that sex? Women beat the shit out of men too, women murder men too, and it's equally wrong. Second, terms like "throwing like a girl" are not demeaning women, unless you happen to be a lesbian basketball player (pardon the redundancy). There are clear differences between the sexes, and women that act like men and men that act like women will always be, well different. If society tries to "reprogram" males then look out for the law of unintended consequences. I don't know what the hell you'll get, but it won't be the "pajama boy" you seek.

ESPN needs to STFU! Their job is to broadcast and commentate on sport, not be a shill for progressives who's only goal is to tear down America and American institutions.

Hammeratic Review of College Gridiron Action: Week 3

It was a good day for Wahoos across the globe as the Cavs beats a ranked Louisville team at home, and being a spiteful, vindictive bunch they were equally thrilled when the Hokies stumbled in Blacksburg against East Carolina. Coming off their HUGE win at Ohio State last week a letdown can sometimes happen so I chalk this up to coaching. And trust me, ECU's win was no fluke. Va. Tech just seemed to be treading water the whole game. Tech did manage a rally late but it was a halfhearted effort. Well done ECU, my home-boys did good!

The Lamecocks got back on track beating Georgia in Williams-Brice, Texas A&M looks for real and Notre Dame is 3-0 whipping up on their perennial whipping boy Purdue University in South Bend. The Pac 12 went 7-1 against outside competition with the only surprise, and actually the upset of the week, Southern Cal losing to BC on the road. But I can see why that happened, Boston is a depressing shit-hole of a city full of wall-to-wall assholes. You have Guineas and half-wit Irishmen living on top of each other in squalor unfit for human habitation. I'd rather live in Detroit. So for those Southern California guys the whole depressing atmosphere must have been overwhelming and consequently lost focus thinking of nothing but getting the hell out of this dirty, filthy town full of dirty, filthy people. Whomever scheduled this game has some splanning to do.  

What's going on with the Big 10 I wonder? To begin with there are 14 teams now, NOT 10, FOURTEEN! So maybe ex-Carolina guard and Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney (he goes by "James" these days, isn't that special?) should get their math department involved. Anyway the conference is in trouble, and people are starting to notice. These guys just ain't that good anymore. Last week a good but not great Va. Tech breezes into the Horseshoe and whips shit outta Ohio State, Wisconsin folds to LSU down in Tigerland and Oregon kicks hell out of conference standard bearer Michigan State. This week Bowling Green beat Indiana, Iowa State beat Iowa, Washington over Illinois and on and on. Do I even need to mention Michigan and their fall from the heights of football royalty? I heard on the radio the other day it's been 19 years since the Big 10 had a first round quarterback pick, and I struggled to remember who it was. Jeff George, Art Schlichter, nope it was Kerry Collins from Penn State, and the Nittany Lions had only been in the league about 15 minutes!
Look I'm well aware the Big 10 has never been a passing league, and Lord knows they have feed the NFL linebackers and linemen and running backs like no other, but the game has changed, Woody Hayes is dead and they better get with the times if they want to turn things around. But who wants to go play in the ice and snow of Madison, Wisconsin or Ann Arbor, Michigan when they can play in Tallahassee? There you go!

Well that's it, congrats to CW again. Let's all be nice to him, UVA ain't that good so he's in for an emotional letdown. They got ranked BYU in Mormon country next week, so we'll see what they got.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's on your mind, this fine Friday?  I've just returned from the massage table, and I feel like a new (though large) man.

September 11 went as well as could be expected round these parts yesterday...never a great day.

Weighed in at a stout 189.4 this morning, though it has been a good week of eating and exercise.  The plain truth is I have to get rid of my left hip before I'm ever going to feel good exercising again....

Have a good weekend, friends.

Political Ruminations From the Heavy Drinker Perspective

     Well we made it through another 9/11 without getting a city burned to the ground. In my humble opinion the next major terrorist attack won't be just taking out a building or two, it's be much more catastrophic than that. 9/11 did what it did, but if I were a terrorist I'd be thinking: Ok taking out the World Trade Center was fine but it caused as many problems for us as it did the enemy. We need to ramp it up a lot if we want to demoralize these people and win. Not to say we won't go small with "independents" like those idiots in Boston, but next time we need to go VERY big or go home. Therefore in my view the next time we're hit we're probably talking big-time biologics or WMDs. I wish it weren't true but I swear I can see terrible things in our future. I need to move and not be so close to Fort Bragg. Has anybody out there ever been to Montana?
     The Prez sounded almost credible the other night but kids let me tell you something. This is a war with Islam, and I mean all of Islam including moderate Islam (if there is such a thing). Just because the Saudis are afraid of ISIS or ISIL or whatever it is, doesn't mean they're our buddies and pals. Under the right circumstances they'd turn on us in a heartbeat, and you can take that to the bank. There is no such thing as "radical" Islam, it's just those who choose to openly fight as opposed to those who war by other means. Again, this is a war, a war of values and cultures, plus it is a war of attrition and it will continue until somebody wins. The war was declared by Muhammad in the fifth century against any and all religions, and nothing has changed. Over the centuries Islam has stamped out a ton of religions (Babism is my favorite, unfortunately not what the name suggests) and those ragheaded bastards have put a lot of deities out of work. Christianity and Judaism are their immediate goals now, and they've made steady progress since the days of Jimmy Carter.
     So, what is to be done? In my view not a helluva lot. We can't isolate them economically, they have oil. We can't defeat them militarily, they're too big (geographically speaking, we can't go in and occupy Morocco to Indonesia). We can't get along with them because they won't play nice until Israel is gone and every Jew is dead, and even after that why would we believe they'd stop there? Their goal is a world-wide caliphate. If they achieved their goals in the Middle-East they would just press on. So what to do, hang on until such time as they gets nukes and we all burn up? I wish I had an answer short of World War III. 

     On a lighter note (but not much lighter) 9/10 came and went without much notice. What's 9/10 you say? Well my sports-illiterate friends, on September 10th. 1972 the Olympics conspired to cheat us out of our Gold Medals in the sport of basketball.
     Here's the rundown for all you youngsters. Up until that time the Americans had won all the Golds in basketball, and we did it with boys against men. All our guys were college athletes but most of the world fielded "national" teams that for all intents and purposes were professionals. Out '72 team was made up of some very good college players, but certainly not the best college players. The two most dominate players in college ball at the time, Bill Walton and David Thompson weren't on the team. Neither was Keith Wilkes or Henry Bibby from NCAA champs UCLA, or for that matter  All Americans like Tom Riker from South Carolina or Barry Parkhill from Virginia. Our coach Hank Iba was old, and OLD SCHOOL. He coached a slow methodical game and a lot of the kids weren't interested in playing 1940's set-shot basketball.
     Anyway if you're interested here a video that lays it all out. I remember the game, I remember the emotion and I still don't know who pissed me off the most, the Olympic officials, the Russians or the stupid ass American sports bureaucracy that couldn't get their shit together. But I can't help but imagine what the outcome would have been had we Walt Frazier, John Havlicek and Kareem.

     To keep you up to date on the Hagan-Tillis race, the NCAE (an offshoot of the NEA) and Emily's List are running commercials attacking Republicans with some very interesting ads. They got a 7% wage increase this year and apparently that's a declaration of war. The story behind the story is that in 2012 after the Republican "takeover" of the legislature and executive they immediately passed a bill that the state would no longer collect dues for the NCAE. Their membership dropped by about 20% overnight. Well, this will not stand says the teachers union which adamantly denies it is a union. So it's full on war, and since NC is next in line as a "swing state" the national leftist organizations are taking an interest.
Now, the "cuts" she's talking about are a lie, at least according to the Washington Post and WRAL. But hey, that never stopped a union. Hell there's one ad of a teacher in Cary (median income $85.00k per year) saying the schools are so poor she doesn't have a textbook! Lord Lord Lord, what a load of bollox! I can't find the ad on youtube so I think they've pulled it due to it's high bullshit quotient. I'm sure even the low info crowd wouldn't fall for that one. But I expect more of this kinda stuff, stay tuned.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Hammer's College Football RoundUp: Week 2 (or 3, depends on how you count it)

Well let's get right to critiquing this week's BIG TIME college football action. Yesterday in Charlottesville...HA HA, GOT YA! Yeah I know, UVA beat piddly little Richmond 45-13 and CW attended wearing this ridiculous straw fedora. It's been pointed out to him time and again that only Cubans and maricones wear such things but he won't listen. Whatcha gonna do?
Now back to the action: "Bama wore out Florida Atlantic yesterday at home. Not exactly big time but I like FAU (that's why I brought it up). Went to a soiree or two there back in my Florida days, man that might be the prettiest campus in the country. None of this old, tired faux Ivy League looking stuff, just palm trees and babes! Here's a good example, the FAU dance team (if I were younger Arthur Murray here I come). Anyway Alabama wore their asses out as one might expect.

The game of the week was #7 Michigan State at Oregon, and I think we can safely say the Quack Attack is back. The Spartans looked pretty good in the first half leading 24-18 at the break but The Ducks came out smoking in the second half with four touchdowns. Oh well. Tough times in Michigan these days, State loses and Big Blue looked like they had a case of big blue balls....maybe Wayne State won, must have a look. 

CW's second favorite team (after everybody else including the Red Army hockey squad), the unranked and unheralded (that'll sure change!) Virginia Polytechnic and State University Hokies went to the Shoe in Columbus, Ohio and kicked the living shit out of Ohio State currently ranked #8 by ESPN (that'll sure change!). I saw a bit of the game before the Cutty Sark and percocets kicked in properly and Va. Tech looked pretty darn good. They had a lot of chances to fold, and oh boy that's easy to do in front of 100K screaming rednecks (of the midwestern variety), but they didn't. Plus their offense looks like it actually makes sense. For years they opened up with 1st. down, halfback off tackle for a two yard gain. 2nd. down, fullback up the middle no gain. 3rd. and 8, what the hell do we do? Screw it, let's go off tackle again. Look, they won a lot of games but Jeez Louise, this ain't 1965 and the Bear is dead (don't mention that to any Alabama folks you know, you might get the hell knocked out of you). 

In local ACC play Clemson mauled SC State (they might want to consider scheduling them FIRST game), #21 UNC (please bitch!) hung on again San Diego State at home, the mighty Wolfpack came back against (do I have to say it?) Old Dominion after getting dominated most of the game (I'm convinced the football Gods are just toying with Wolfpack-Nation, trying to give hope where there is none). Duke looked good, Ga. Tech looked good and FSU looked good, all against chumps. I'd say if Flawda State is gonna get any competition in this league it'll be from Va. Tech. but you never know, Louisville or Duke might sneak one in.

Well that's it for this week. Next week Louisville is at Virginia (CW will call in sick for that one), NCSU in down in Tampax, Florida to take on the South Florida Bulls (coincidentally bull was my college nickname) and the biggie, Tennessee at Oklahoma (both 2-0). 

C-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. 

UVA 45 Richmond 13

At the tailgate before the game, there was some trepidation among the esteemed Sigma Chis, their wives, children, and guests.  Richmond was an FCS Ranked team, we have a bit of a QB controversy, and we don't really yet know what this team is about.  Feeling for some reason very confident, I predicted a 30 point victory.  Off by a bit.

Both QB's played well, though Matt Johns seemed to make the offense click better, and he clearly is more comfortable moving around in the backfield.  Richmond moved the ball on us big time, but it was almost all in the air--very little running game.

Our offensive coordinator needs to realize that no one fears our running game and since we cannot apparently pass on first or second down, we don't move the ball efficiently.  A lot of teams use the run to set up the pass, we need to use the pass to set up the run...soften the LB's up a bit.

I've never sat in that stadium and been hotter--sweated like a stuffed pig.  But my, was I stylin'.....

Friday, September 5, 2014

AFTER THE BLACKOUT: Psychotic Ramblings From an Alcohol Damaged Brain

Ladies and gents, running for political office in a competitive race is a little like a science fiction movie, no matter how great the special effects the movie still needs a good story. Not necessarily a great story, but a GOOD story. Republicans don't seem to get that because their story sucks.
This go round we've got some real competitive races going on and we've got a real opportunity to hang a monster defeat on the Democrats, and it appears we're blowing it. Hagan in North Carolina, Mark Pryor in Arkansas and Mary Landrieu in Louisiana should all be behind by double digits by now. But they are not, quite the contrary. Why is that friends? All are from states that Mitt Romney carried in 2012! Every advantage (apart from money) falls to the Republicans. So why?
Well I can't speak to what's going on in other states but let me say this, the first time I've ever heard Hagan's opponent Thom Tillis speak was in the debate the other night and I still haven't the foggiest idea what the man stands for. As far as I can tell he has no message other than attack Hagan for being Hagan. My first impression is that Tillis is not ready for prime time. He looked tentative and scared. He didn't even attempt to set the record straight on some of these boiler-plate Democrat charges being run in ads funded by Soros & Company (along with a little Chinese, Russian and Middle-East money I hear). I'm a little surprised Hagan didn't accuse him of pulling her hair from behind (who would do such a thing!?). Tillis just stayed on message, his boring God damn, NRSC political consultant approved message. The man couldn't sell half-price hooch at an AA meeting!
I suspect the same thing is going on in Arkansas and Louisiana. When oh Lord will the Republicans learn? Ok I get it, the Republicans nominated a few yahoos lately, but the answer isn't go boring or play-it-safe. Some guy who looks the part but has a lousy, uninspiring middle-of-the-road message is the road to defeat. It's like Steven Jobs said, people often times don't know what they want until you show it to them. Consultants can poll and focus group to their hearts content but if their candidate can't or isn't allowed to sell a clear conservative message (a VERY good story) then they will lose. I expect Hagan to pull out a squeaker.

I've been reading America by Dinest D'Souza and Blood Feud by Edward Klein, both excellent reads. But for the life of me I still can't decide whether Obama's destruction of the middle-class and consequently America (the middle-class IS America) is by design or default. I guess it's a chicken or the egg thing. Is our destruction just a consequence of Obama's insane policies or is Obama destroying us with his insane policies? In other word is it ineptitude or deliberate? D'Souza suggests willful destruction, however Klein makes the case for incompetence citing a variety of reasons and examples of Obama's unsuitability for the job. I guess they're both right, sometimes it's a particle, sometimes a wave. In the end it doesn't really matter, destruction is destruction.

I was sad to see the passing of Joan Rivers. She was one of the great old comics like Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles and George Carlin. She had a quick wit and at times was very funny. Sgt. Major liked to watch here on, gosh what was it(?) Runway Police or something (on one of those chick channels). Anyway it was a show where a bunch of snarky bitches critique celebrity fashion at the Oscars and Emmys and stuff. They show a clip of some dweeb asking Scarlett Johansson about her dress and shoes who made it etc. I always thought that was a little junior high, as in "you gotta have the right shoes or you're just an idiot" kinda way. Anyway then Joan and Ozzie Osborne's daughter (and usually a homo so over-the-top-gay Elton John's pool boy would kick his ass for being so queer!) would say how great they looked or take shots at them. I watched for the fashion of course, had nothing at all to do with Ms. Johansson's tits being front and center. I recall Joan commenting on some woman's red dress, something along the lines of "Does she look in the mirror before she leaves home? My God she looks like a blood clot".
Anyway, RIP Joan, I for one will miss you.

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Aw, what's the matter friend? Your Cheesehead buddies get pounded in their opener?  Have your nude selfies made their way out into the public domain?  Did your "Desperate Housewife" defense go down in flames?

Share your pain, folks.  Lots of sympathetic minds here!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

An early Fall view of our lane
As I write this, Kitten #2 is enjoying the last 27 minutes of Summer, blissfully asleep until rudely awakened by the march of time.  Kitten #1 starts classes today too, and I imagine she is also still asleep.  Kitten of All Kittens--She Who Loves Summer Like No Other--also is abed.  I am up to greet the day early, as is my custom, but as I sat here I realized that I was the only person in my family excited about the first day of school.  I've always been that way, mostly because I always liked school.  My girls like school just fine, but if given the choice between going and spending their time doing Summer things, I know what would win out.

The Kitten is another story altogether.  She takes Summer Worship to a whole new level, luxuriating in the soupy heat of it and the slow pace.  She gets genuinely down every year around the 10th of August after realizing the season is almost gone and the lists constructed in May have not been substantially completed.  I've begun to hear the resident geese making a bit of noise lately, and it puts me in an Autumn state of mind thinking about their Northern cousins who will winter over here and offer themselves up for my dining pleasure.  While it is going to be 94 degrees here today, I still am thinking Fall, and the dying embers of Summer have no impact on me whatsoever.

Soon, very soon, we'll have the first chilly night.  The leaves on the trees in the lane will begin to turn.  The annual "shouldn't we close the pool for the season" conversation will occur.  The sound of geese in the cove and overhead will become constant. I'll renew my hunting licenses and make a reservation with Mudge to sit freezing in a tree all day and listen to my friends shoot deer.

No, the first day of school never made me down.  Because it is the real first day of Fall, the best season of all.

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