Sunday, September 29, 2013

Obamacare Can Save Us!

That's right friends, Obamacare can save us. It is such a mess (this is an actual Obamacare flow chart, NOT a joke), so vulnerable to corruption, so rife with illegal/ad hoc waivers added by executive decree and I think so unworkable, impractical and foolish that this could potentially be the beginning of the end for the welfare state. As Daniel Henninger  wrote the other day, socialized medicine is the Holy Grail of liberalism and if it fails it will discredit statism as an ideology for decades to come.

So, I hope all this talk about shutting down the government is just a tactic to strip away all the sweetheart deals and waivers Obama has granted to Congress and his bum chums. If we've going to have Obamacare then EVERYBODY needs to have Obamacare. Let's all share the gain/pain and let the chips fall where they may. The Democrats have gone all in drawing to an inside straight, let's make sure they walk away with just their dicks in their hands.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Which I (holding nose) Agree with Nancy Pelosi

It is very hard for me to write these words, as I consider Nancy Pelosi to be a contemptible, loathsome creature.  But that doesn't mean she's always wrong.

The issue here is the debt ceiling, the one Senator Obama voted against raising in 2007, calling doing so "irresponsible" though to do so now does not so strike him.  I had heard this argument raised the last time the debt ceiling was under consideration, but it wasn't until the other day when I met with my favorite former submariner, squishy-lefty-government-worker friend who raised it again,  that I decided to study the matter and see where I came down on it.

Mrs. Pelosi believes that Section 4 of  the 14th Amendment pretty much makes the idea of a debt ceiling unconstitutional.  Based on my reading of the document, I agree.  Here is the wording:  

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

In essence, what Pelosi advocates (and I support) is for the President to simply ignore the debt ceiling and order the Treasury to continue to issue bonds to finance the debt.  The Founders appear to have believed that if a Congress authorizes (and appropriates) something, it ought to pay for it.  The debt is the accumulated terror of decades of doing so.  It is a bad thing, something that should be lower, but the Constitution appears to me to be saying that any legislation creating a situation in which the nation would have to default--is unconstitutional.

So here is what I Mr. Obama should do.  Again, ignore the debt ceiling, and wrap himself in the 14th Amendment.  Of course Republicans would go nuts, but since they don't have the votes to Impeach him it would effectively take the issue off the table.  They could bitch and kvetch all they like, but the ceiling would simply cease to exist.  We don't like it?  Change the Constitution, the same thing we say to the gun control crowd.

The other strategic benefit of Obama doing this is that it offers Boehner and the Republicans a way of honorably moving on from this ridiculous fight.  They could (and would) scream about Presidential over-reach, but they could go back to their constituents and honestly say that they fought the good fight against that tyrant Obama.  Hell, they could even consider Articles of Impeachment.  But at the end of the day, they wouldn't go anywhere, we'd be able to get at the real problems of budgeting, and we could rid ourselves of this dubiously constitutional requirement to raise debt ceilings. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Exit Sandman

You're simply not human if you're not sobbing after this.

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Awwwww.....what's got you down, Chumley?  Your House majority looking more like a lynch mob than a caucus?  Your health care rates getting ready to skyrocket?

Share, friends; share.

Down 10.6 lbs since 11 August.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And Guts is Enough

What the hell is going on? I know there are different factions within the Republican party, and I know Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and most of the other "establishment Republicans") ain't grooving on Ted Cruz. They ridicule him as an upstart who is trying to jump his place in line. He's just a loudmouth who doesn't understand the etiquette and traditions of the Senate, and besides, just firing up the base does no good. Obamacare will not be defunded!

But I'm guessing the old guard is starting to remember a back-bencher who went over the heads of the leadership in a similar way, way back when, and actually took the joint over. You may remember him, Newt Gingrich. So the old dogs are feeling the heat and going on the offensive, with the help of MSM and Harry Reid no doubt.

This is a dangerous game for the Republicans (and I for one will not forget). I believe that Obamacare will become law and I also believe it will fail (to the political detriment of the Democrats). But I see no downside to vigorous and vocal opposition. When the the true effects of this law become painfully apparent I want there to be no doubt in the minds of the American people that Republicans/conservatives did everything they could to oppose it. Otherwise, and you can take this to the bank, the Democrats and the media will find a way to lay this disaster at OUR door.

So all these pussy-footing country club Republicans had best beware, Ted Cruz has guts, and sometimes that's enough.

Friday, September 20, 2013

How the Old Screw the Young

I've written in this space before of the troubling rise in transfer payments from the young to the old, something young people really ought to care about, but don't, because they care about so many other really important things.  Hedge Fund Icon Stan Druckenmiller is out on the hustings trying to make college students aware of the shitshow they are inheriting...I would very much like to see this get some traction.  Dive into the charts that the presentation has appended to it.  Some really frightening stuff there.


In case you missed last night's State/Clemson contest on ESPN, the game turned on a controversial call midway through the 3rd. quarter. With #3 Clemson leading 13-7, NCSU back Bryan Underwood broke free for an apparent 83 yard touchdown run. But not so fast my friend, the play was blown dead by the back-judge who said Underwood stepped out of bounds on the Clemson 47. Replays showed conclusively he in fact did not. A couple of plays later State fumbled and Clemson drove the short field for a TD. Not a good result for WolfPack Nation.

So in this age of replays and reviews, what are we to conclude? Well I don't know about you but my conclusion is SHIT HAPPENS! Look, I've seen bad calls, horrendously bad calls. Just a few years ago I saw two refs signal touchdown for State late in a hard fought game at Kenan, and the head ref (who happened to be in the worst position to actually judge the play) overruled. This same ref had had his life saved two years earlier at NC Memorial after suffering an on field heart attack during a battle of titans (UVA vs. UNC), but I don't wish to suggest THAT FACT had anything to do with it.

Last night the booth talking heads said the aforementioned play was "unreviewable" because it wasn't inside the five yard line (a new one on me) and also since the play had been "blown dead" resulting in players stopping action, so how could they review it? The point is these reviews are time consuming nonsense. I can't hardly stand to watch the NFL anymore because of these endless reviews, and even when every swinging penis in the room agrees that it was in fact a catch (or whatever) the officials come back with some legalistic horse manure about how we can't trust our lying eyes.

Let's get back to the basics. I don't like bad calls anymore than you do but they're as much a part of the game as rabbit punching an All Pro runningback's gonads while in the pile. It usually evens out in the end. And guess what else? NC State ain't half the team Clemson is, so WTF?

On the Sorry State of the Nation in General and the GOP Specifically

As we sail forward into yet another seemingly insoluble political and financial mess attending to 1) the federal budgeting process 2) the federal debt limit and 3) the imposition of Obamacare, I find myself agreeing with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who the Washington Post believes "has a lot to learn about politics" but who I find to be fairly insightful on the state of things:  "My view is that the system is set up to avoid making catastrophic mistakes. And right now, the country is actually really divided and therefore few things should get done — except for the things people really agree on."  Pretty sound reasoning, all in all, and not bad for a college dropout.

We are a really, really divided country.  What we see on the Hill is simply a function of where we are as a country.  And as I've written many times before in this space, we have the government we deserve.  The concept that somehow Congress is out of touch and isn't responsive to the people is ridiculous.  That's actually the problem.  They respond to the people and do not govern. They spend insufficient time thinking and legislating for the future of the country and way too much time on short term political gain designed to fire up the people who keep them in office.  We have the Congress we deserve.

And yes, we have the GOP we deserve.  There's a very interesting battle brewing in the Party, with the incendiaries from the Class of 2010 continuing to have the temerity to insist that they were elected to make a difference.  The quixotic campaign to "defund" Obamacare by tying it to raising the debt ceiling is creating a lot of heat but very little light.  It ain't gonna happen.  And as I've written here before, the best thing the GOP can do is get out of the way and let Obamacare happen.  They don't have the votes to stop it and by delaying it they only insulate its pain from voters.  Stand clear and let it come.  Ultimately though, I think Boehner has to go, and I think he will; he will not survive the year as the Speaker of the House.  It's like when you go to the second string QB when the team isn't moving the ball.  Everyone knows the guy isn't as good as the starter, but sometimes changing things up makes a difference.  This is why the GOP will throw over Boehner-who I actually think does a pretty good job with the hand he is dealt.

Ultimately, what moves this country beyond periods of malaise and stasis is leadership.  We simply are not going to get it from this President, so we'll have to see what 2016 brings us.  I am enormously intrigued by Rand Paul's very public stance on legalizing marijuana and the possibilities that brings with regard to a certain slice of the voting public.  Additionally, I think his foreign policy stances are going to be relatively popular....we'll see. Things are going to get interesting.

Big Fat Friday Free For All

S'matter chum?  Your government gonna shutdown?  Your choice for the Fed get shellacked by your own Party?  Your football team get demolished on national television?

Let it out, friends.  Let it out.

If anyone's interested, I posted a little something over on the Navy site I write for about ballistic missile submarines that's getting some chatter. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

As Goes Detroit, So Goes America

Take a look at this stunning report of the decline of the City of Detroit over the past several decades, and think about the path we are on as a nation. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's the matter, Pal?  Spend all week watching what you eat and exercising six out of seven days and not lose a gram (and no, this is not an invitation for everyone to chip in their own diet plans--I'm BITCHING here)?  Get caught with your air conditioner in the attic for three straight 90 plus degree days? 

Emote, friends.  Emote. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oklahoma (State) Ain't OK

According to Sports Illustrated we've got a "football factory" going on in Stilwell, Oklahoma. Are you sure, really, no kidding? That's right fans, Oklahoma State with the help of Sugar Daddy T. Boone Pickens has gotten dirtier than Miley Cyrus' choreographer... and ain't it terrible. Why they're paying players, doing their school work for them and even having campus hotties show them the ropes during recruiting visits (wink-wink!). Here's SI's explosive cover this week blowing the lid off this scandalous scandal.

Hang on a second...I GOT THIS!
Damn! This is harder than I thought.

WOW, that's better! (Gee I was getting a little nervous there. It was like my fingers were possessed)

Now, are we to believe this is unprecedented? Have the editors ever been to say... NORMAN, Oklahoma? Are rich, generous alumni particularly uncommon in college athletics? Furthermore I wonder if SI would be interested in shining the harsh light of truth on the Oregon Ducks (another team that came out of obscurity in the last few years) and their benefactor Phil Knight? And I'm sure the fact that OSU's Pickens doesn't really do that much business with sports magazines and Nike does millions upon millions, I'm sure that fact would not even enter the heads of SI's editors. 

Here's the thing, college football is dirty but that's the system. And when a "nobody" school wants to join the club of the TOP THIRTY, then all of a sudden the bloodhounds start baying. The University of Oklahoma is dirty as hell, and has been for years. Most of the SEC is dirty, and has been for years. Clemson stinks to high heaven, and has for years. It's common knowledge. So they get a pass because they're in the club because they're the bread 'n butter money-maker schools. Oregon gets a pass because Phil Knight has clout and North Carolina's football program gets a pass because their basketball program is so lucrative that they can't afford for the brand to be tarnished. But woe be unto the no-name school that tries to buy their way in (SMU immediately comes to mind) especially if they're sitting on top of a "name" school like Oklahoma or Texas. 

So I'm guessing this story is probably factually correct, but that's not really the point. This is the way the game is played and the rules were set by the powers that be...for their benefit. The system serves them just as prohibition served bootleggers. So for a school like Ok. State they have the choice of playing crappy football for all time or getting down in the mud with the likes of OU and the rest. But if they choose the later they had better be prepared for these kinds of stories. The sports establishment doesn't take kindly to upstarts. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Day

If one can truly be judged by the company one keeps, then Chris was a darn good guy.  I know this twelve years after his murder because I am surrounded by his people; his wife, his children, his mother and brother, his friends and co-workers.  All of them kind and loving people.  I never met the man, but our paths crossed through common friends who assure me that I would have liked him.  I've seen a video tape or two that seem to confirm this. 

Facebook is alive with remembrances of this day, many of which include photos of the awful moments that preceded Chris's death by air-terror.  These photographs are for most of us, a call not to forget, a visible reminder of the anger we felt that day.  This is how I feel when I see them.  I remember sitting in a room at the East India Club in London, where I was staying when the attacks occurred.  I had only a few hours earlier landed after the overnight flight, and was sleeping off the jet lag before the conference began the next day, when the phone rang.  It was my dinner companion that night, Moondog, calling to tell me that we would not be eating curry as we had planned.  The world had changed.  I turned on the television and remained there--interrupted only by dinner that evening and breakfast the next morning--angrily crying and wondering what it all meant. 

Others see those photos differently; they represent images of murder.  They evoke not anger or retribution, but intense, searing sadness.  What was for the rest of us a day to a day they would rather forget.  It was the worst day of their lives, even if they were too young then to know it.  They are annually reminded of their anguish, 3000 families for whom this day tends not to evoke patriotism, but deep, unyielding torment.  Consider if you will, waking up on the anniversary of the death of a loved one in a car accident, to pictures of the crash scene.  Every year.

Of course this was bigger than a vehicular death. The nation was attacked and changed. We all share in those memories and those feelings, and it is right that we remember and rededicate ourselves to our way of life--which was of course, the real target of the attacks that blue-skied September morning.  There remains though, amid the flags and the resolve and the rhetoric, the quiet sobs of those who just want to close their eyes and make it all go away.  On this day, I cast my lot with them. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Award Season!

Pat Buchanan has been awarded the coveted Father Robert F. Drinan Peace and Human Rights Award from the Center for American Progress. Presenting the award to the acerbic, controversial right-wing commentator and former Presidential candidate was Senator Al Franken (D-MN). A host of dignitaries were in attendance as well including Master of Ceremonies former Congressman Barney Fwaank, Prof. Bernadine Dohrn from the Northwestern University School of Law and the immediate past Director of Northwestern's Children and Family Justice Center, and Richard Trumka President of the AFL-CIO, an award finalist.

Also being honored this week is former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Honorable Ms. Clinton is to receive the Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center. Board Chairman former Governor Jeb Bush will present the award to Ms. Clinton appropriately enough on the eve of last year's attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. When asked for comment Ms. Clinton was quoted as saying "What difference does it make!"



                Guess which one is BULLSHIT!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Syria and Benghazi

There are a lot of good reasons to not support the President's plan to attack Syria.  There are a lot of good reasons TO support the President's plan to attack Syria.

For me, one of the more important reasons NOT to support it is that I simply do not trust the man as a leader, and it flows from his performance and that of his administration in the aftermath of the murders at Benghazi.  I know, I know...the Bought and Paid For Media and its political wing (The Democratic Party) would have us believe that Benghazi was a non-story, that there was no there, there.  They would have us believe that it was a creation of the crazed Right, and that no real investigation is needed into the tragic circumstances.

In the process of co-evolving this narrative, the Left has simply destroyed any good will that the President should (by the theory of Tie Goes to the Runner) expect from the Right.  It isn't just is a lot of folks like me.  Folks who don't believe there is a strategy, and who don't trust a word that comes out of the President's mouth or that of his adjutants unless it can be independently verified.  People who don't trust that the President has what it takes to fight out the tough ones.  People who don't think that he does his homework, understands his job, and makes good decisions.

So the Left thinks the Right is a lot of loonies and that we've made up a Benghazi scandal for our own entertainment.  Forgive me if I shed no tears as the Administration conducts its woeful Whip counts.

Their bed, they shall lie in it.

Update:  Seems Fox News agrees with me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's the matter, Chum?  A little down that I waited until nearly 5PM to post this?  Go nowhere else to spew your bile? 

Cheer up!  Share it!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NFL Predictions

When the people of the United States broke my heart last fall and re-elected arguably the worst President of my life, I turned to sports for solace, becoming more of a "fan", watching more games of all kinds, and listening to sports radio.  All of which qualifies me to prognosticate on this coming NFL Season.   Here we go:

East--Dallas.  This is Romo's breakout year.
North--Green Bay.  Green Bay gets a running game
South--New Orleans.  Welcome back
West--Seattle.  Will win a few more games on the road
Wild Cards:  San Francisco, Atlanta
Champion:  Seattle

East--Miami.  All the building blocks are in place.
North--Baltimore.  Won't lose a thing on defense.
South--Indianapolis.  Luck keeps getting better
West--Denver.  Manning has a career season.
Wild Cards:  New England, Cincinnati
Champion:  Denver

Super Bowl:  Denver

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Conservatives and Syria

I am of a violently mixed mind on Syria.  I am prepared to believe that the use of chemical weapons is a "red line"; and so when the President cited it a year ago, he would have had my lukewarm support for intervention.  But there was an election on, and something like principle and American leadership wasn't going to get in the way of Mr. Obama's campaign...and so we did nothing.  A year later, Assad has apparently used chemical weapons again, which has Mr. Obama now actually thinking about strikes of some sort.  The only problem is that the past year has been spent doing nothing of substance to prepare for such a strike, and we find ourselves one year into Sequestration with a rapidly hollowing military which is less capable of doing what it should have been dispatched to do a year ago.

The President made his impassioned plea for support for this intervention in a Saturday Rose Garden address, in which he spoke of the need for strength and response.  He also apparently reversed course and decided to seek Congressional sanction for his action, much to be braying approval of the Bought and Paid For Media who found themselves unable to find historical precedent for such sagacity, forgetting of course the actions of the George Bush's (The Elder, The Younger).  Satisfied with his effort to whip the country into a war frenzy, he repaired to the golf course without summoning Congress to return from its extended break to take the matter up.

And so we are left to ponder the facts before us.  The "rebels" in Syria include a not insignificant number of Al Qaeda related Islamists.  The President--perhaps sensing the potential pitfalls of overthrowing Assad when there is such little clarity into what comes next--has taken regime change off the table.  Presumably, whatever is planned for Syria would be from the "punishment" playbook, the one whose historical record--in the Arab World at least--seems to serve only to leave emboldened leaders in place thumbing their nose at the United States to the cheers of the restive Arab Street. 

Great Britain has discussed this issue within its own political system, the Prime Minister having summoned Parliament from vacation specifically to do so.  Mr. Cameron was unceremoniously abandoned by the "Tea Party" wing of his party, reflecting a dose of common sense of the British people who seemed collectively to be saying, "Are you kidding me?  We're not going to do this again.  And besides, we could hardly "do" Libya; Syria is a harder nut to crack.

It is--that is for sure.  But I don't want readers to get too carried away with this sentiment.  Yes, the Syrians have an advanced integrated air defense system (IADS).  And yes, they have a number of ballistic and cruise missiles, target-able at US interests in the region.  But we shouldn't get carried away.  If we decide to do this, Assad will never see it coming.  His first indication that something is wrong will be explosions and rubble.  That doesn't mean he won't react in unpredictable ways, and it doesn't mean that his puppeteers in Tehran won't take such an attack as a call to simply means that as a military matter, taking down Syria's Command and Control would not be a particularly taxing endeavor---provided we can 1) get carrier based forces into the region and or 2) we get neighbors to let us use their air bases for the attack.  Tomahawks from ships and subs are not enough.

So...we CAN do this--though I really don't know what "THIS" is yet.  The question is whether we should.  I have been dead set against it for the past few days, but I am beginning to wonder about the long term damage Mr. Obama is doing to America's prestige and its place in the world.  I offer two pieces for your review as you make up your own minds, one from Elliot Cohen--a friend and one of Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy guys--and another by a couple of Republican Congressmen, one of whom I think has a chance to be President someday (Tom Cotton). 

As Albert Einstein used to say, "I'm gonna have a tink on this".  Maybe you will too. 

Autumn Beckons

It started yesterday morning when as if on cue, the sounds of migratory geese were heard overhead as I let the dogs out for their morning business.  Their boisterous, winged presence coincided with the first day of school for Kitten #2, and so Summer had officially come to an end, though it has a few weeks left astronomically.

The open windows in our bedroom made for a very chilly wake-up, and when I had my wits about me, I checked on the weather for the next ten days.  My findings confirmed my suspicion that there would be no more air conditioning needed for this year, either in the house or in the ManCave.  Its absence in the house will not be mourned by its Lady, as she believes A/C is a sign of the weakening of American Society, and only begrudgingly accepted its installation during our recent renovation.  So sure am I of the steady cooling of the days that I returned from the gym today fired up to remove the window A/C from the ManCave and re-stow it in its attic resting place.  The window is now obstructed by a box fan ushering in the pleasant air off the front field of soy beans, while the screen door allows for its exit.  It is delightful.

Fully engaged now in the Autumn worship, I turned my attention to recreation, which in these parts means hunting.  In order to obtain my hunting license, The People's State of Maryland required me to take a mindless online Hunting Safety course and pass a 50 question order that I may then attend a day-long field day/hunting safety test (requested for 29 September in some god-forsaken corner of the Eastern Shore) order that I obtain a voucher stating that I had completed said order than I might obtain the requisite hunting licenses.  No such bureaucratic nightmare from the Commonwealth of Virginia, who simply shook me down for over $200 worth of non-resident hunting license fees but delivered the required paperwork electronically with alacrity.  This is the year I get my deer.  And my goose.   And my duck.

College football is underway, the Pros start Thursday night, and I make my first appearance at a UVA game this Saturday (vs. Oregon, gadzooks). 

Yes, it is Autumn.  And it is wonderful. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lies, Defamation and Slander

Here's a recent posting on, a Drudge style site and one of my favorites. 

The New Jim Crow: Disguised As Protection of Voting Integrity.

August 29, 2013 by 
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( North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) recently signed into law a package of voting reforms passed by the North Carolina legislature. McCrory approved the most sweeping voter-suppression law seen in the United States in a generation. The law is just the latest in a spate of similar laws passed by states to address the issue of voter fraud. Their argument is that just one case of a person voting who is not eligible to vote is an attack on the democratic system. The North Carolina law is one of the more stringent of all the laws that have been passed and that is in large part due to the recent Supreme Court decision that struck down the portion of the Voting Rights Act that forced most Southern states to get federal approval before making changes to their voting laws.
The law signed by McCrory requires that all those who vote show a photo ID. This can include an in-state driver’s license, U.S passport or military ID. The law also shortens the period of early voting and makes it harder if notvoter-id impossible for students at colleges and universities, who are not from North Carolina, from voting in the state. Republicans, who control the governorship and state legislature argue that these are reasonable measures, but by signing the law, McCrory has spurred a backlash among the law’s opponents, which is likely to only grow before the law is scheduled to go into effect in 2016.
For minorities in North Carolina, the law is nothing more than Jim Crow revisited. The period known as Jim Crow lasted from the end of the Reconstruction in 1872 until the Voting Rights Act of 1965. For almost one hundred years, Southern states imposed laws that made it harder for minorities to vote. Laws and policies like the poll tax, the grandfather clause and the literacy test disenfranchised minorities and kept African Americans from participating in and contributing to our democracy.
The ACLU and the NAACP were quick to oppose this law just as they have been with similar laws across the country. To these groups, the law is targeted at minorities, students and low income whites with the aim of creating an entire class of disenfranchised voters. Their main argument is that the law is a solution seeking a problem since very few cases of voter fraud can actually be documented. These groups can, however, point to cases where elderly minorities have no state issued ID because they have no birth certificate or other form of identification. This demographic is comprised of people that are also most likely to be reluctant to seek out a new ID even if the government is offering them free of charge which is a key provision with most of these laws.
There is a universal backlash against the North Carolina law which is growing across America. Even  louder is the growing chorus of liberal and fair minded conservatives and that is due in large part to the greater national mood. For most minorities, these laws are part of an overall trend that has seen attempts to roll back hard fought civil rights gains. They are determined to push back against any effort along these lines and North Carolina is not ground zero in the fight. For most civil rights activists the law signed by McCrory cannot be separated from the Supreme Court voting rights decision and the recent trial and acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case.
Because the law is seen in this light, Blacks and other minorties will fight hard to prevent the law from going into effect. Even many non-minorities are lining up against this particular law because the same legislature that passed it has also taken a very hard right turn on many other issues. As the supporters and opponents of the law harden their position one thing seems certain; the backlash against the law will only grow in intensity leading to the next election.
Staff Writer; Stanley G. Buford

As you may have noticed, due to NC being a swing state the left is using any and all means to knock down our recently enacted voter id law, and articles like the above are pretty common. Another tactic they're using is regular bitch-a-thons down at the Capitol Building with their so-called "Moral Mondays" led by the morbidly obese Rev. Dr. William J. Barber (the J stands for JUST one more biscuit). A man of many talents, the Rev. Barber is a wonderful rabble rouser and in addition can handle a disability scooter like Michael Schumacher at the Belgium Grand Prix. But regrettably he is burdened with a wicked case of food addiction that leaves him defenseless in the presence of Popeye's Louisiana Fried Chicken and butter beans. I have to say though, the good reverend is a helluva lot of fun and throws a mean pig-pickin' but in my view is just being used as the point man for the left's mischief. 

The Durham/Chapel Hill/Carrboro left has whined and bitched. They and their friends in the media have spread lies and half-truths as well as hidden, ignored and/or demagogued the facts ( Every lowdown dirty trick by the liberal establishment is on display here in the Old North State with this full-court-press of prevarication and disinformation. 

But dear friends you'll be happy to know it ain't working. No more will idiot college kids be allowed to vote here and back in their home towns as well. No longer will leftys have weeks to bus derelicts from this voting district to that so as to cast fraudulent votes for a little "walking around" money. No longer will 22 year old activists be able to cast a vote under the name of a long since dead 73 year old. 

Voter id laws similar to ours have been adjudicated and passed Constitutional muster. So suck it up liberal scum, this law is here to stay and no amount of race baiting and fear mongering will change that. But what will change I believe is North Carolina's status as a swing state, and THAT dear friends is what scares them.

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