Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

It's that time of the week again, friends.  Your opportunity to blow off some steam.  What's got your goat?  What's eating you?  A penny for your thoughts?

Share, friends.  Share.


Tom de Plume said...

Liberals and their race hustlin' allies prove once again just what jerk-offs they truly are. The NAACP is calling on the DO(black)J to investigate a rodeo clown for a hate crime? Sensitivity training? Didn't Pol Pot call that "re-education"?

And speaking of race hustlers, how 'bout Oprah's blunder, playing the race card with her recent story about being dissed in Zurich. Talk about a Swiss miss. Looks like O-pig didn't realize that whitey who has no history of slavery also has no sense of white guilt. Glad the clerk called bullshit on that slobs story.

Anonymous said...

Three black guys gun down a white Australian in Southwest Oklahoma, "for the fun of it."

Two things about this; one amazing, one expected:

1. Amazing. The restraint on the part of Oklahomans to refrain from making this a racial issue.

2. Expected. Utter lack of media and race industry coverage. You probably didn't even know the subjects were black.

Tubby Danger said...

Long ago George Carlin said that when blacks and whites hang out together, you never see the black guys saying,""Oh, golly! We won the big game today, yes sir!" But you'll see guys with red hair named Duffy going, "What's happenin'?"

It is almost the same today, except that Duffy has gotten his girlfriend pregnant and is driving a getaway car for a couple of wannabe Crips.

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