Sunday, February 2, 2014

Goose Stepping Towards Amerika Inc.

Reagan never trusted George Bush. George the first was the price Reagan paid for the old money Republicans and corporate America to to open up their wallets and bite their damn tongues. You see Reagan was a student of philosophy, he understood the theory of capitalism as well as its practicality. He also knew its opponents and what they were willing to do to undermine freedom. Having very different backgrounds the son of Prescott Bush did not, and neither did his son. It's interesting (and depressing) to see that the undoing of America is coming from the so-called right rather than the left. Pat Buchanan has a good piece on this very subject you might want to take a look at.

Question: What do we owe business? In my view we owe them a free and open marketplace unencumbered by excessive taxes or regulations. In other words we owe them the same freedoms we offer our citizens, no more no less. What we don't owe them is special access, set asides, subsidies or special laws. We now live in a transitional, pre-mercantile, quasi-fascist state, and if you're not quite sure where we're headed have a gander at China.

As the ancient Greeks discovered 2000 years ago one of the pitfalls of democracy comes when the ordinary citizen realizes they can vote themselves money from the public treasury, but it's not the only pitfall. Another, and maybe even more dangerous is that the wealthy corrupt the government for their own ends. I think we see an excellent example of this very thing with the Affordable Care Act (wow...that's like putting a Porsche badge on a VW Rabbit). Do you think for one minute the healthcare/insurance industry would have rolled over for Obamacare if not promised increased profits?

Let's look back at the past 20 years and see what corporations have given us. In their pursuit of profits corporations, the elites and their lapdog politicians have given us an unsustainable welfare state (including corporate welfare) unsurpassed in human history for its corruption and generosity (with other people's money), a nation that can't control it's own borders eaten alive by illegal immigration, an America that is a dumping ground for every third world nation on the planet (legal immigration) resulting in a cheap labor pool and lower wages and diluting the political and economic power of its native born citizens WHO BUILT THE DAMNED COUNTRY, an addiction to deficits and borrowing that will INEVITABLY destroy capitalism and freedom once and for all, and a propaganda industry to maintain this house of cards until its dying day (which will be sooner than you think). Plus the multinationals have taken an undeveloped, authoritarian basket-case of a country like Red China, exploited its cheap labor to the detriment of the ordinary Chinese worker AND MOST ESPECIALLY THE AMERICAN WORKER, and turned it into a malevolent super-power that will likely start acting on old grudges and potentially start a third world war (Serbia 1914?).

I hate to say this but I think the left has corporate America pretty much nailed (as opposed to the Republicans). They understand big business and exploits their greed to further their own agenda. They understand that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and George Soros have only one goal... money and power. Don't get me wrong, that's as it should be. Corporations have an obligation to their shareholders to grow profits, in fact that is their very purpose. If they can control markets etc. then half their work is done. But the purpose of the the American government should be to protect us against such assaults (what's good for GM is NOT necessarily what's good for the country), not to act as a shill for special interest be it corporate or otherwise. The left willingly uses business to undermine America, the right does it out of ignorance.

And that brings me to the greatest pitfall to freedom of all, and that is it gives evil room to operate. No country on Earth has ever tolerated subversion, hate, greed and envy like we do. That's why we need an ever diligent political class that can see past the next election and put the country first. However, between the insanely stupid and frustrating country club Republicans, the leftists, between the bureaucracy and the corporate hustlers, between the parasites and bums, WE, the last remaining Constitutionalist/libertarians/Reaganites are witnessing the demise of the greatest, most powerful, wealthiest and freest meritocracy, and the MOST JUST society in the history of civilization. Thanks Republicans, they couldn't have done it without you.

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