Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dispatch from the Road: Day 1--LAX

Where I'm headed..
I am seated in the Star Alliance lounge in the International Terminal of LAX with my five traveling companions at the start of our journey to Taiwan.  Earlier this year, my colleague Seth Cropsey and I started the Hudson Center for American Seapower in order to advance the study of stuff that means a lot to me.  Through my association with Hudson, I was invited to join this trip to visit with officials of the Taiwanese government, especially within their defense establishment.  I am looking forward to the trip, and my five companions (plus two who traveled separately) are a great group of guys I have known for a long time.

We are flying business class--or what is known as "Royal Laurel" class--on EVA Airlines.  The flight is 13 hours and 50 minutes, and we will arrive Sunday night at 10PM Taipei time.  The flight out here from Dulles was uneventful.  When I checked in online yesterday to get my boarding pass associated with the flight arrangements made for me, I noticed the box on the bottom that said I could upgrade to First Class for a nominal sum.  I took United up on the offer and grabbed the final seat in luxe class--while the rest of the Fellowship gave me dirty looks as they walked past.  Haters.

I've done the research, and my seat goes fully flat, has a personal entertainment system, and has its own power outlet.  I have a ton of work to do during the course of this trip so I'll probably no spend my time watching movies on the flight.  Some sleep shortly after chow, but then work for the final eight hours of the flight or so.

The schedule for the week is not grueling, but it is steady.  I'll have a good chance to keep up on things and do the work I need to do.  Hopefully I will be able to spend some time with you via this blog.  We work most of the day Monday through Friday, then sight seeing Saturday before heading home Saturday evening.  The way things work, we land in New York soon after we take off.  Overnight in NY Saturday night and then a quick flight Sunday morning back to DC.

I've seen a few upsets in College Football, and I'm sure Hammer will bring us up to speed on them.  Alabama and Oklahoma going down today was some big news....hopefully my Wahoos can get it done tonight....

That's all for now....if I get bored on the flight, perhaps a midflight update .

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