Saturday, February 27, 2016

When The Kitten is Away

The Kitten and Kittens have alighted to Florida for Spring Break, leaving me here to hold down the fort while they frolic. At some point, I may take their late planning year in and year out as some kind of conspiracy to exclude me. But I digress.

I have been master of my domain for three hours now and have made good use of the time, to include a thorough pruning of the refrigerator's dubious bounty. I have thus far been unsuccessful in locating my Director's Cut box set of the Lord of the Rings series (which I watch every time they leave me for an extended period)--so if I lent it to you, please remind me.

UVA plays UNC at 1830, which is always something to get my Irish up. The good news is the game is at home--where we seem to have some competence, Our road record this year is crappy.

There is a YUGE ribeye thawing in the kitchen, and I'll throw down some lovely eggplant on the side.

I don't want you to think that I enjoy being left alone for over a week, because well, after a few days of it, I begin to miss them.

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