Saturday, March 5, 2016

On the Return of The Kittens

Last week, I informed you that the Kittens would be alighting to Florida and leaving me here to fend for myself. That all comes to an end tomorrow sometime, and I will be the better for it. This has been a ridiculous week, and it is a sad glimpse into what my life would be like without a Catherine, a Hope, and a Hannah. I was at my computer for 18 hours a day, either working to make money, working to elect a President, working to see that someone else is not elected, or screwing around on social media. I took time off to eat, to hang with the dogs for a bit, to sleep, and to go to appointments.

I left the Navy eight years ago aiming to "live a bigger life"--that's what I've found here. Also, that's what I DID not live this week.

Life here has civilized me quite a bit--though my women would tell you there is much work still to be done on this front. I put a lot of effort into making big changes in my life in 2015--but I'm beginning to think that I declared victory way too early.

Gonna have me a think on all of this between now and when my girls come home.

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