Friday, May 6, 2016

Good Piece Here from Iowahawk

Thought provoking. But I think he gives voters more credit than they deserve.

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TigerHawk said...

On the substantive point, I don't think "the voters" are a monolith. There are many causes for these things, and cause and effect in voting is impossible to prove. I think that it is curious that in an age when voters have ideological tastes ever more in line with the political parties (a recent phenomenon), in both cases they passed over ideological alternatives for the explicitly transactional approach of Trump and Clinton. (Now, that said, Kasich tried to sell his brand of compromise, which *sounds* non-ideological. I just think he got caught up in the anti-establishment wave on the GOP side.)

On a non-substantive point, we are not "Iowahawk," much as we wish we were. We are the Editor of Blueberry Town, and the blogger formerly known as TigerHawk!

Thanks for the link regardless!

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