Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mattis and Romney

Talk this weekend on The Twitters was of visits to the North Jersey Whitehouse of Mitt Romney and Jim Mattis to call on President Elect Trump. The rumors are that Romney is being considered for the Secretary of State, and Mattis (former Marine four-star and Marvel Comics Action Hero) is being considered for Secretary of Defense.  These would be inspired choices, and there are strong cases for each. But the strongest case in my view is for each man to be in the other job. Here's why.

Jim Mattis used to be called "the Warrior-Monk" while on active duty. There is no doubt, but that he is a tough, Marine. But he's also a deep, deep, strategic thinker. When I think of who I would want looking across the negotiating table with our friends and allies ALIKE, I can think of no one I'd rather have there making our case than Mattis. This is after all, the job of the Secretary of State.

Why Mitt at DoD?  DoD is a huge series of interlocking businesses, and Mitt knows how to run big things.  He will have the gravitas to deal with the generals, admirals, and White House Staff.

I don't expect to be asked about this by the Trump team, but I leave this suggestion here for anyone who might be listening.

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LL said...

Let's leave Mitt's election comments aside. I like him. He's my cousin, but he was way out of line.

Romney is a turn-around guy and he understands complex systems. He has shown the capacity to work collaboratively to accomplish great things in the face of daunting odds. I think that he would have been a good president and he would also make a good SECDEF or SECSTATE. There are not a lot of people who understand politics and have those credentials. I'd like to see him get something that will help improve the nation. Mattis is stone cold wonderful.

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