Friday, December 30, 2016

A Time for Choosing

As I've said here on this blog before, the Russians did not "hack" our Presidential election. Hillary Clinton lost because she misread the electorate, just like every single GOP primary contestant but one.

However, it is clear to me from the evidence presented, and from the direct conversations I have had with those in a position to know, that the Russians did in fact attempt to influence our election. President Obama--who famously hit the "Reset" button with the Russians, bent over backward to accommodate their paranoia, bungled Syria in such a way as to invite the Russians to build up their air and naval power in the Eastern Mediterranean, and refused Republican requests to investigate Russian activity in the late election--has taken strong action to sanction Russia as a result.

Both Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell have strongly supported the President's actions, however late they come in the game. I agree also with the moves.

But there is a good deal of hypocrisy brewing in our modern Republican Party, one in which for some reason, Vladimir Putin's obvious attempt to influence our election is seen by some as a civic duty to Americans, rather than the act of espionage that it is. Make no mistake folks--Putin OWNS this. The Russian intelligence services would NEVER have done something on this scale without his express consent and close oversight.

Four years ago, the GOP Nominee for President, Mitt Romney, called Russia our #1 geopolitical foe. He was laughed at by the President and his entire party. Putin then spent the next four years proving Romney right, and Republicans NEVER missed a chance to drive this point home to Democrats. But because Putin's espionage campaign was aimed at the Democratic candidate, all of a sudden much of the GOP has forgotten the past four years altogether. One GOP House member went as far as to laud the Russian operation. 

It is a time for choosing for Republicans. Have you become so intoxicated by power that you are immune to great power meddling in our internal political process, or worse, have you allied yourself with it? Do you REALLY think that Russian security services have focused EXCLUSIVELY on Democrats, and that they don't have a trove of information, electronic intercepts, email, and video of numerous Republicans to include the President-Elect and many of his cabinet nominees just waiting for the opportunity to arise where release would serve Russian interests? To whom will you complain then, if you find nothing to complain about now?

Or are you concerned at the prospect of Russian interference and the precedent it could set for the future, not to mention the basic impropriety of what they have done?

We are at the dawn of a new era of great power competition. Russia is one of the adversaries, China is the other. It is time for patriots to put aside the settling of scores and buckle down to the reality that this competition brings. Now is not the time for petty political pride--it is that time to act like an American.


"The Hammer" said...

Yes yes CW, Russia may well have hacked the DNC emails, but they also may not have. Wikileaks denies it was the Russians and as I've stated previously if Hillary or half the pussified Republican leadership wants to make the charge we need to see some evidence. So far all I've seen in evidence is the echo chamber hissy-fit so common among beltway types such as yourself.
But let's say it's true, Putin did it. So what? Everybody hacks everybody, or at least tried to. Has anyone claimed Podesta's emails were fake?
This is all misdirection to distract us from the criminality described in the emails. Is inciting violence at Trump rallies an effort to affect our election? Is collusion and coordination with the major news organizations something we should be aware of?
Get real CW. If the shoe were on the other foot the Democrats wouldn't give a damn who hacked whom, all they'd be talking was the content. We need to be doing the same. Hold hearing, find out who funded these rent-a-mobs and get to persecuting. If Putin did it, he did us a favor.
BTY it was Soros.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Well, it seems you've made your choice.

"The Hammer" said...

Did not Hillary Clinton's State Department meddle in Russia's 2011 elections? Did not Baraq Obama spend taxpayer money to get Bibi Netanyahu defeated? Didn't Democrat operatives like James Carville go to Israel and work for Bibi's opposition? It seems to me a little hypocritical to whine about things you yourself have done to others.
CW this is not our problem, this is the Democrat's problem. They made their bed they can lie in it. Plus, even if we accept some accusation from some vague source at CIA or NSA or the NBA, the emails are REAL. THAT'S A FACT WE KNOW! The emails describe criminal behavior that has not been throughly discussed forget about investigated and prosecuted.
Just fire up a cigar and enjoy it all, it ain't your damn problem.

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