Friday, December 7, 2012

Amerika or America?

Ok, I'm going to go off the rails a bit here so bear with me.

This is an advert for a book I've been reading lately. Ordinarily I'd have finished it by now but the fact is I can only take it in small doses. It is a really unfair, nakedly slanderous portrayal of Southerners using cherry-picked facts, libelous misrepresentations and outright lies to feed the prejudices and misconceptions of liberals, whom I would guess have never been to the South, have no desire to go to the South and never will go to the South. But that's not all it is. It is an attack on supposed intransigent conservative thought and the folly of trying to change such a backward, ignorant culture into something the rest of the country can live with. The author represents progressives as victims held hostage by semi-literate Rednecks thereby impeding their inevitable march towards economic and social justice as defined by...well progressives. His writing style is often humorous but invariable mean-spirited and vicious with an air of conceit and superiority which I'm sure plays well in some areas of the country. The New York Times reviewed the book so have a look if you're interested in what they think:

Now ordinarily I'd use something like this to drag my Yankee friends over the coals a bit. I've never been shy about poking fun at other cultures, races, religions; you name it. My feeling is everybody is just a little too uptight about our differences and frankly as long as you don't ask me to subsidize your lifestyle, religion, sex et cetera I don't care. But that's not the world we live in now. And although I find this book infuriatingly dishonest, I very much appreciate the author actually coming out and saying, for the record, what is obviously liberal/progressive orthodoxy.

Therefore I have to concede the author's point. You are Better Off Without 'Em ; and us you. I cannot see this country surviving in it's present form much longer, and for a number of reasons, first being cultural. Once we all spoke the same language, we had lots of differences but we shared a uniquely American identity of patriotism, respect for family, hard work, ingenuity and a strong commitment to the rule of law and liberty; all the things that talk show conservatives call "American Exceptionalism". This is not the case anymore. We have two diametrically opposed philosophies at odds with each other,  a divided country with no possibility of political reconciliation or compromise. An animal born with two heads always dies, and so it goes with countries.

The country is not the country anymore. Some say we conservatives lost the country with this election, I say we lost it with Simpson-Mizzoli in 1986. Amnesty was a bad precedent that encouraged lawbreaking and rewarded lawbreakers. Now, nearly thirty years later Hispanic unmarried mothers on the dole and MS-13 gangbangers tip the electoral scales for progressives. As Pat Buchanan said, conservatives will either do something about illegal immigrants or illegal immigrants will do something about conservatives. Well now they have.

We have illegitimacy rates (otherwise know as future criminals, welfare whores, anything but productive law abiding citizens) at 70% for African-Americans, 60% Hispanics, 40% Whites and 22% Asians. High School dropout rates for minorities are already high, what will they look like in 10-20 years? And the only thing higher are minority birth rates. We live in a global economy. Just how well will we be able to compete in a high-tech future with the majority of our citizens uneducated, unmotivated, with a sense of entitlement, and the rest old, decrepit and on social security. Clearly the progressive welfare-state model is untenable.

With social turmoil comes economic turmoil comes political turmoil. America will not stand in its present form. I have no idea when or how it will eventually come to pass,  I just know it will. But rather than the country being torn apart along geographic, ethnic or cultural boundaries it should be along philosophical lines. Let the progressives go one way and the Constitutionalists another. Lincoln famously said "A house divided against itself cannot stand." For those of us who value liberty (both economic and political), who understand rights and obligations and the proper role of the state, for us the choice must be made in the very near future to stay or go.

So, harsh but enlightened warning based on facts or crazy as hell Redneck refighting the Civil War? You be the judge, but time will tell.

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