Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Great American Retires

I spent the afternoon on Capitol Hill today, at the retirement of Navy Captain Gene Moran, the Navy's Senate Liaison. Gene and I became fast friends a few years ago, and over the course of the past year or so, we had a number of important conversations about whether or not he or I should stay in the Navy. Ultimately, we both decided to leave.

The ceremony was held in the Russell Senate Office building and was well-attended by Navy folks, staffers, well-wishers and US Senators. On the way to the room, I walked past Senator Clinton with gaggle of young folks attending to her as she moved determinedly elsewhere. Up close, she is more attractive than on TV. Present at the ceremony were Senators Warner, Graham, Nelson (FL), Martinez (FL), Lugar, Isakson, and Cochrane--really a great turnout for a wonderful man.

Gene Moran--had he stayed in the Navy--would have been a multi-star admiral....there's no doubting it. But he served his country honorably for 24 years and we are all in his debt.

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Anonymous said...

I have served under Capt Moran when he was the Commanding Officer of USS PHILIPPINE SEA. He was an inspirational leader and epitomizes what a Naval Officer should be. Thank you Capt Moran, for your guidance and mentoring.

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