Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Two Best Friends in the World are Democrats

Yep. No kidding. Rob and Tom are Jacksonian Democrats, Harry Truman Democrats....very patriotic, very smart, often misguided. I love these guys like brothers and would do anything for them....which is why I have tried so hard for nearly twenty-five years to make sure that they have all the facts. Each has moved a bit toward the middle as we've aged, but every now and then I can get them all fired up about some Republican threat the the nation's health. Here's the thing though....we respect each other's opinions. I wish I saw a bit more of that in Washington. Civility doesn't mean rolling over; you can destroy an opponent's ideas with a smile and charm.


thsntht said...

I draw your attention to this American Politics Journal guest editorial; and, it makes me wonder how far apart you and your friends might be. At least it is good for some laughs!

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Funny stuff!

Anonymous said...
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