Friday, June 21, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Well, friends---how's it going?  Got anything you'd like to share with the wonderful, supportive readers of this blog?

Too few show up at your Brandenburg Gate speech?  Sun get in your eyes when you gave it?

Bitch friends.  Better out than in.

6/10:  197.8 (new fat record)
6/14:  196.2
6/21:  193.6


Mudge said...

You like gadgetry. Try "Fit Bit". I got one (Fit Bit One) last week and have already lost 5 pounds since starting. Easy to use, works on the premise that if you know your steps taken, stairs climbed, activity levels and caloric intake at a glance throughout the day, you can better balance your energy consumed vs energy expended. Also measures your sleep and restfulness of your sleep. I have to say, it's changed my attitude toward losing weight and my mood has been considerably more cheerful lately. I even smiled at a liberal today.

Uncle Willie said...

I NEED HELP- Being a retired senior/senior I tend to watch a great deal of TV. News, sports,comedy, O'Rielly, plain old junk are all in my saddle bag. Within the past few years TV commercials and program announcements have grown to be a giant undesireable in my life. I put a stop watch several times on Diane Sawyer's nightly news twenty-seven minutes (it's no longer a half hour - they cut it short by three minutes for more commercials and program announcements). Diane has nine minutes of commercials and announcements and eighteen minutes of news. And guess what folks, if you have satilite or cable you are indirectly paying for these commercials. OK all you smart folks like Hammer, Mudge, Sally and CW what's the answer? Just how do we go about getting rid of these unwanted overtime pests? I realize there must be some commercials but not a third of a twenty-seven minute news broadcast. Any answers out there or doesn't it bother anyone else?

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