Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Hammer's College Football Review: Week 6, The "WTF Just Happened" Edition

Well...I think we're in for some changes in our next Top 25. Oregon went down, Alabama lost to Ole Miss, The Sooners got the horn at TCU, Texas A&M was abused doggie-style by the Miss State Bulldogs and Southern Cal and UCLA both lost at home.
Let's look at it state by state. Arizona is looking good with Arizona 5-0 and Arizona State 4-1. Mississississippi is doing great with Ole Miss 5-0 and Miss State 5-0. Texas is doing good, Baylor is 5-0 (I like Bryce Petty) A&M lost but they're still 5-1, TCU is 4-0 and in Utah the Utes are 4-1 and BYU is 4-1.
In the ACC the Pack got thrashed by Clemson (no surprise there I'm embarrassed to say), Ga. Tech is 5-0 beating Miami and the Heels sucked again losing to Va Tech. Oh yeah, UVA beat Pitt...zzzzzzzz.
The Big Ten, man I don't know what to say. I hate those assholes but I miss them being good. It was league play this week but what in the world is Wisconsin doing losing to Northwestern? Plus I don't think Michigan could beat Miami of Ohio (1-5 having just beaten zero win UMass 42-41). The Wolverines (keep it up and they'll be renamed the Weasels) lost to the New Jersey State School for Dumbasses 26-24.
The SEC is still the cream of the crop. Auburn looks fantastic and is the best team I've seen so far. Tennessee is 2-3 and I would bet the farm they'd be #2 behind FSU if they were in the ACC. Georgia is strong and that running back of their's Todd Gurley has got to be an early Heisman favorite. Alabama, the Mississippi schools, LSU, A&M, Missouri, even piss-ass "can't get outta their own way" South Carolina would be kicking ass in the ACC (and Big Ten probably). The SEC is just head and shoulders better than everybody else. No surprise they're better than the ACC, but the Big Ten has really screwed the pooch in recent years. I guess nobody wants to play in the snow and ice anymore, plus Big Ten chicks are the Big 4 and 5 on the hotness scale. Would you rather go to class with a woman wearing a top with spaghetti straps so as to let them puppies breathe or some slack jawed Slavic chick looking like Rosie O'Donnell and dressed like the Michelin man (like the guys in American Werewolf in London)? Thank you, me too!
That's all I got, lots to digest this week so color me gone.


MS Navalist said...

"Mississississippi..." Noted.

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You'll also note the author of the piece. Not me!

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