Sunday, May 31, 2015

Perspectives in "Thought Disorder"

Well it had to happen I guess, Martin O'Malley is in. He announced yesterday in Baltimore's Federal Hill Park in front of a crowd of well wishers and a security detail heretofore not seen since Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach at Luzon. Gov. O'Malley took an original approach to politics by declaring "I'm running for you". He then, to the delight of the crowd, took off his shirt and displayed his 47" chest and 19" biceps in an abbreviated Mr. Olympia routine. After the screaming and swooning and fainting had died down (instigated mostly by the well represented LGBT community) the Governor broke out his Gibson J-45 guitar (once owned by Freddy Mercury rumor has it) and gave a stirring rendition of Wham's "Make It BIG". Clearly O'Malley wishes to position himself as the "not TOO communist, not TOO corrupt and way way HOT" candidate. He's been working hard recently to expand his base of gay males, young voting age sluts and middle-aged divorced bimbos in the early primary/caucus states of Iowa and New Hampshire, so time will tell.  

Did you see Ann Coulter on Univision the other night? No? Well here's your chance. My God in Heaven the Spanish haven't taken a ass-whipping like this since Drake and Howard kicked the hell out of the Spanish Armada so bad they sailed NORTH to get away.
But let me say a few things Ann COULDN'T.
Jorge Ramos
typical Mexkin immigrant
 • The Mexkins we get are indigenous people, NOT Valencians on extended holiday. Ramos is a white boy carrying water for white boys (well as white as a Spaniard gets anyway).
• You want to see a top heavy society? Check out Mexico. Wealth (including massive oil wealth) is concentrated in the hands of the powerful elite, and they have no desire whatsoever to build schools or infrastructure or a social welfare system to accommodate the poor rising from their third world status. A much better system is to push the peons off on the Gringo to the north (fools that they are). The Mexican elite gets tremendous political influence in America, they don't have to worry about a quarter of their poor ass, needy population (the Gringo pays!) and they get a nice dollar infusion (again, courtesy of the Gringo). Hey hombre, IT'S ALL GOOD!
• They keep the "racist" focus on the Gringo. Mexico is a deeply racist country. Whatever sins the anglo is responsible for in the New World the Spanish have us beat by miles. The crimes of the Conquistadors surpass anything we every did, and I include slavery. By the way, the US was responsible for 17% of the slaves imported into the New World and 100% of the blame and guilt. Our Spanish friends South of the Border deny their societies are stratified therefore how can THEY be racists?  
• You think Southerners won't let go, talked to a Mexkin lately? They have one goal in mind, RECONQUISTA, the return of all the land lost after Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott (along with Bobby Lee, Thomas Jackson & US Grant) kicked the shit outta Santana (Antonio Lopez not Carlos) in the Mexican/American war of 1846-48. It is the elites' obsession and don't think it isn't, and they are well on their way to achieving their goal. Personally I think it's a lock at this point, and I'm not that sad about it. Goodbye California hello the new and improved United States of America (not including New England, sorry but it's adios mofo, YOU gotta go!).

Well that's all I got to say, now please, get outta my damn face! I'm sick of looking at you!


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Martin O'Malley = Michael Dukakis Part II

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