Sunday, May 10, 2015

Post Racial Post Mortem

Black folk are pissed, and I can't say I blame them. But, as usual my perceived reasons for their frustration and anger differ from the establishment elites'. Cops whipping on their asses or otherwise killing them is not the issue, after all African-Americans are 13% of the population but account for about 80% of the anti-social, self destructive behavior that plagues our society (crime, dependency, illiteracy, hip-hop, $2,000 wheels on a '74 Impala worth $300 max, etc). No the cops are, generally speaking, taking it to their asses because they are where the crime is, again generally speaking. Sorry middle-class person of color, but if you'd speak up a little more and not tolerate crime among your own then perhaps you wouldn't get pulled over so much for "driving while black".
Look at Baltimore. Six cops were charged, three were black. The town is run by blacks INCLUDING the police and has been for decades. I don't think a racist cracker hell-bent on whipping black ass would last long in that department. Detroit is the same way, run by of and for blacks for generations, and it's one of the biggest shitholes in the country if not the world. No, white racist cops are not the problem.
The problem, or at least a big part of the problem is a half century of welfare. As I have said many times, in many significant ways black Americans were BETTER OFF under Jim Crow than now. It's just a fact. The welfare state has destroyed the black family (the cornerstone of ANY healthy society) and as a great man once said "If I hated someone's guts I'd give them $1000 a month!" (that would be $3061.43 in today's money).
Baraq Obama made a promise to blacks, to bring them into the fold, to make them part of the American experience. But what he has done is double down on the policies that have kept lower class blacks sucking hind tit since forever. He has been devastating to the black community and I think they're just starting to realize that this "change" thing ain't gonna happen, at least not for them. They are lashing out, which is understandable if not justified, however they're blaming the wrong people. I've heard liberals talk about a "Marshall Plan" for inner cities and the like. This is insane. Their only solution is to throw money at the problem when they know full well money is not the answer to the problem, it IS the damned problem! It's been tried to death, $21 trillion since 1964. Look before you say it I realize there are other issues at play here such as stupid trade deals that export our jobs and increase our trade deficit (like the one the Republicrats are "negotiating" right now). It's not ALL the welfare state. But how do you convince a population of semi-literates that NOT giving them money is the right way to go? And how do you convince Democrats who see ignorant, dependent poor people as a reliable voting bloc so long as they are kept poor, dependent and angry?
I don't have an answer but I think this is going to be a long hot summer and Baltimore may be just the beginning. Who woulda thought when the Democrats were talking "post racial" what they really meant was riots and cop killing?

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