Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pardon Me While I Gloat

What'd I tell you? What the hell did I tell you!? Don't remember or refuse to remember? I said way back in December of 2015 Trump would win with a solid South and a few "rust belt" states like Michigan and Ohio. Now who's your Daddy? Who is your God-damned DADDY!? Bow down and kiss my lily white SOUTHERN ass because I got it right (and won) and you didn't. 

You want to know why I got it right? Well I'll tell you, I'm a working class stiff that's why. I don't live in a palatial estate on the Mary-Land eastern shore. I'm not an attorney. My domicile is not in a huge population center nor do I get my news from Twitter and/or Facebook. I wouldn't give two shits for what Cher or George Clooney or Labron James think. I am a son of the working class just one generation away from sharecropping. I'm the guy who does the dirty work, the slubb who has been ridiculed, slandered and REPLACED by immigrants because the elites don't like my voting patterns. I am the guy who ALLOWS the elites to run things because I am too busy earning a living and providing for my family AND PAYING TAXES. But the elites grew too big for their britches and screwed it all up, so an attitude adjustment and a little remedial education is required. If they behave themselves we might, I say MIGHT let ‘em back in the game. But they have a lot of work to do, well see how it goes. One question though; wonder how they like me now? 

Ok, that's out of the way so let me tell you what I want to happen with our new President, not necessarily what will happen, just a Hammeratic 'to do' list.

1. BUILD THE WALL! If Trump loses his nerve or Congress won't go along or an earthquake devastates the Rio Grande Valley or Martians land in Lafayette Square or for WHATEVER REASON Trump DOES NOT build the wall, then all is for nought. At that point in time it's over. Trump will lose all credibility. Every criticism, every insult, every disparagement directed at Trump by the #nevertrump crowd and the radical leftists masquerading as the mainstream will take on new life and THAT will become Donald Trump. He will no longer be in control of his agenda, the country or his own destiny. Building the wall is PRIORITY ONE! 

2. Get trade sorted. Nobody wants a trade war. Nobody wants to NOT trade. Countries that trade tend not to go to war. But unfair trade is as bad (or worse) than no trade. Is China more amenable to our interests because of the massive and growing trade deficit we have with them? Of course not! The richer they become the more aggressive and belligerent. Transferring our wealth and technology out of country at the expense of the middle and working classes is a globalist scheme that has been rejected. Fair trade absolutely yes, NAFTA and TPP (as written) forgetaboutit. Them days are over. 

That’s it. Now there are other things on my list of course; tax reform, the VA, repeal and replace Obamacare, all extremely important. But the aforementioned are Trumps signature issues, the rest can wait awhile. The reason I put the wall at #1 is because it is tangible. Everybody in the country can see and touch a wall, they'll know it's being built (or not) and can see for themselves. That why this thing has to be built properly, under budget and quickly. Trump is the wall and the wall is Trump. The opposition understands this fact. He is going to face a full court press from all sides, he MUST withstand the temptation to back off...even a little. If he follows through and get it done the next issue will be easier, a lot easier. Winning begets winning, losing begets losing. Ask GHWB what happened to him after he reneged on his "read my lips, no new taxes" promise. Vince Lombardi said there were only a few plays in a game that decide the outcome, and so it is with politics. Trump has the ball and in this opening drive he has to score, that's all there is to it. 

So you may now go back to reading the WSJ and watching Meet the Press. Just keep in mind, they got it wrong too. 


Unknown said...

And it is posts like this that made this longtime conservative dislike the Trump campaign so much. If you want Trump to prove something, he should do it through his actions. More words are going to do little more than stake out divisions within the party.

LL said...

Trump and his coat tails has the progs scratching their heads. The neverTrump Republican folks line up to kiss the ring in Trump Tower. I'm not saying that CW won't be SECNAV, but if he'd listened to you I'm guaranteeing that he would be the new SECNAV.

"The Hammer" said...

Mr. Unknown, that is exactly what I am saying...I thought. But I'm confused, the problem with Trump was he's a loser and we were wasting our shot at a "winnable campaign". Is that not correct, Mr. "Longtime Conservative"?
LL you are spot on. We tried to tell CW, but his head is as hard as the Blarney Stone, and not much smarter. But he's taking it well.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

"Working class stiff" my ass, Hammer.

You own a small business.

I'm not sure, but I believe you are also a college graduate.

"The Hammer" said...

NCSU '81. You know that just like I know you are UVA 84 or 85. But just so you know, I have about 25 first cousins, none to my knowledge graduated with a four year degree. My dad owned a gas station/garage. My uncles were firemen, farmers and construction workers. My brother is a car salesman my sister a real estate agent.
If I ain't working class I don't know what the term means.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

You ain't working class. Your family may have been. You have a college degree. You own a business. You may fancy yourself working class, but no one else does.

Or let me put it another way. My brother Tom was the first person in the McGrath line to get a college degree. My Dad owned a small business (like yours did).

Does that make me working class?

Bryan McGrath, UVA College of Arts and Sciences, 1987

"The Hammer" said...

I guess it all comes down to values and self image. True, we both have climbed the ladder...onward and upward. That's the great thing about America, or was.
But I still consider myself working class even though I am solidly middle, middle class. The thing is, and I like this part, I can pass thru most of these social constructs (classes) at will. CW you and I and many of the people here could converse and debate with many of the best and the brightest in industry and govt. We may not know what they know but we know the arguments.
The difference is I can talk to the lower classes on their level, their wavelength, with credibility, because I am one of them.
Maybe you can too, wouldn't know, but not many can.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I do believe that you move effortlessly through the class structures, far better than I. Not because you "...are one of them", but because you know how to ACT like one of them. Just like you know how to act like other things. A skill, no doubt.

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