Sunday, January 1, 2017

It Was All Obama...and they love him for it.

I'm sure the Democratic Party is gearing up for the smear campaign of all smear campaigns. The Donald has gotten under their skin like no Republican since Richard Nixon. It's a blind, unreconcilable hatred with no semblance of reason or thought. Trump touches all the bases in the progressive playbook of hate; racist, homophobe, misogynist, xenophobic and at least ten other 'isms' or phobias I can't recall. Plus leftists feel emboldened when they see common cause with Republicans who feel as threatened by Trump as they do. But Donald J. Trump is not to blame. Donald Trump is a symptom.

The problem was Democrats, as they usually do, overstepped and over-reached. They take every election as a mandate. Most of them are well aware their ideas are unpopular and unworkable, but they have no policy discipline, no idea of what they can reasonably get away with.

BHO took office in a financial crisis CAUSED by Democrat policies stupidly left in place by a weak and distracted Republican President. Through their bought and paid for media they successfully laid the blame on every conservative since Ronald Reagan. They were well positioned to be the saviors of the middle-class resulting in Democrat rule for the next several decades. But what did they do? They set about ramming through an unpopular and unworkable healthcare takeover which not only didn't address the problems of the uninsured but actually raised cost (and limited choices) to those who did have insurance. We all know the result. Since 2008, across the board from top to bottom the Democratic Party has been devastated, and Hillary is just the latest casualty.

What I just described is the accepted, conservative view of this past election and I think there's a lot of validity to it. But I'd like to add a few points if I may.

If you were to talk (or gloat) to a committed progressive, the smarter ones would tell you they are not worried at all. They are in a happy place and look forward to a Trump Presidency. Why? Because their agenda has been advanced, significantly! Plus they are far from being powerless and this is a time for consolidation. A respite before the next big push. They would tell you elections are fleeting, temporary, of the moment. What BHO was trying to do was TRANSFORM the system, and he hasn't done a bad job, in fact they would say he's done a great job. He has put nearly a generation out of work, in debt and beholding to government one way or another. He has transferred middle-class wealth out of the country to foreign dictatorships and abused and weakened our military. He has destroyed (or nationalized) industries and natural resources. He has armed our worst enemies and created divisions among our populace designed to weaken our resolve to defend ourselves and our allies. He has flooded our country with people unable or unwilling to assimilate but more than willing to game our system. He has overburdened our social safety net and squandered our money to the point of insolvency. In other words he has weakened us as a nation unlike anything we've seen in modern history, including the Great Depression. He has made us ripe for social unrest and revolution. He has employed the Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky strategy like MacArthur island hopped to Japan. He indeed has been a transformational President and although he and his fellow progressives would have much preferred Hillary carry on, they are not in the least bothered by Trump. Let Trump take the heat for a while, let Trump deal with the mess, and when he fails, well you know.

Remember their strategy, one step back, two steps forward. As the tide comes in (so to speak) the progressive agenda will ebb and flow, but it never recedes as far as it was and it always advances further than it has been. THAT thinking is repeatedly drummed into their leftist heads and it's why they never quit and never get discouraged...and why they ADORE Baraq Hussein Obama.


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Very well put, Hammer!

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