Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Week in the Age of Trump

The President and his entourage have left on what appears to be an action-packed trip to Asia for 12 days. His first stop was in Hawaii, where among other things, he held what appeared to be a campaign rally for his 2020 campaign before a bunch of GI's. Among other doozies he's already uttered during this trip include one in which he questions why Japan ("a nation of Samurai Warriors) didn't just shoot down North Korean missiles passing over their territory. He also delivered unto us this little ditty:

Just how he was connected to the rise of the market from 8000 to 19000 under Obama remains to be seen.

I do not like that this man is our President, and I like it even less when he travels overseas and reminds others of the great error in judgment we've made.

All the while his staff tried to tell us that recent indictments aren't connected to the President even as they threaten the Special Counsel if he wanders into Trump's business dealings (hint: there are quite a few Russians involved in the "collusion" story who will also wander across the story of Trump's Russian business dealings once the tax evasion charges are filed there. Which they will).

We saw this week the potential for how Trump's inability to keep his mouth shut can have actual consequences, when the traitorous Bowe Bergdahl was given what can only be considered a light sentence--which the military judge made little effort to hide came after the candidate/President made public statements that he (the judge) felt could have had undue influence on the military court. Cut then to his calling openly for the death penalty for the green-card carrying terrorist attacker in New York last week--after first calling him an unlawful combatant and calling for his incarceration at Gitmo. It isn't hard to consider a defense attorney entering into evidence these statements in seeking to derail an actual prosecution.

And as I write this, reports are arising of Special Counsel Mueller's impending indictment of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his son.

On the good news front, I'm generally supportive of the GOP tax bill that the House is cogitating on. I'm not exactly sure how it will impact me, but as a resident of a high tax state, I expect I might not fare as well as some with the proposal to eliminate the deductions for state and local taxes. This will be partially offset by the increased standard deduction---but how it all shakes out is yet be clear. I'm willing to pay a little bit more if in doing so, it gets things like the corporate tax deduction, the increase in the child tax credit, and the end of the inheritance tax.

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"The Hammer" said...

So Jim Acosta is your new hero? The man who thinks the poem on the Statue of Liberty is law? "But Sir, it says 'give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses'. Doesn't that mean we MUST take the poorest, lowest form of human refuge this planet has to offer? Jimmy Carter took child molesters, rapists and the criminally insane, WHAT HAS TRUMP DONE!?
Also Obama never stick his nose in a controversy? You must have missed the Trayvon Martin situation. Obama said if I had a son he'd look like Trayvon which moved me to my core. I had more reason to be moved after the riots and property destruction and epidemic of cop killings across the country. But WTF, it's all good. Obama did so much for black folks...didn't he?
But you're right about Wall Street and Baraq Hussein Obama.Our investor class (you CW?) did indeed do well. The difference is we're seeing across the board growth with unemployment going down and consumer confidence up.
You might consider the only reason DJT is in Japan is because of the weakness and vacillation of previous administrations up to and including giving them "peaceful" nuclear technology. He'd better be careful though, they'll probably have him going to a Geisha house WITH IVANKA. That is EXACTLY how sick these fuqs are.
I'm going to tell you one more time CW and maybe it will sink in to that hard elitist head of yours, Trump is NOT a politician. He's good at what he does which is making excellent decisions FOR AMERICA . He is learning the art of statecraft and he'll do better. When one considers the array of forces actively working to undermine his efforts, I think he's done one helluva a job. At some point in time even people like you, not Jim Acosta but YOU, will have to admit it.
One more thing, remember Scotland and the terrorist and me saying Obama signed off on his release? Do you also remember saying me saying such a thing was tantamount to treason? Do you remember that? Good. Well if that be your standard how would you describe the establishment's treatment of Donald Trump?

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