Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Potpourri

What a wondrous Saturday I had. I awoke early and drove to Richmond to pick up Rob--the closest of friends, fraternity brother, fellow season-ticket holder, and world's best Wahoo--to head over to Charlottesville to take in the UVA/Ga Tech game. Ga Tech was a 10 point favorite, with my Hoos having dropped two games in a row in somewhat stumbling fashion. With a win yesterday, UVA would be "bowl eligible" for the first time since 2011. It was a wonderful game, and UVA pulled out the victory at the very end.

A great bonus was meeting up with several groups of friends from the past. Toni and Jack went to high school with me, and their daughter (Computer Science, Econ double major rock-star) is a third-year at UVA and we spent a little time together both before the game and at halftime. Stephanie's boy (Computer Science, Physics --rock-star) is in his first year, and she, her husband Bill, Quinn (UVA kid) and younger brother Max--joined us in section 520 to watch the last few--incredibly exciting minutes.

I also ran into Jeff and Michelle. He and I served together in the Navy, and they have two Hoo's in their family--an older daughter who was there undergrad and is now in grad school there, and a third year daughter.

Before the game, ran into a solid group of old dudes--Sigma Chi's from my year back three--in Mincers. All were doing well. Perfect, perfect Saturday all around.

I awoke early this morning and made the trip back from Richmond in solid time, though I am a bit run down now and will likely need a nap this afternoon.

For those who like a bit of Navy news here, the results of a series of investigations into last summer's collisions were released this week, and I have a piece at War on the Rocks that lays out my reaction to them. I will also do a live recording (then cached into a podcast) this afternoon (Sunday) at 5PM at Midrats, a Navy issues podcast. You can listen to it here then or whenever the spirit moves you.

Went and saw Captain Todd--one of this blog's most earnest readers--earlier this week, and he is in fine form, though for some odd reason I did not hear him make a single reference to the New York Football Giants.

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