Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guantanamo: An Interesting Solution

So, we've got a problem in Guantanamo. See, there's a little prison there full of characters that we can't convict in civilian courts (probably) but who we know are bad actors that we don't want let loose on the world again. Problem is, no one else wants them either.

Guantanamo is also a Naval Base, but it hasn't been used for that purpose for years--prior to its new life as a prison base, it was where we lodge Haitian boat people who tried to get to the US by sea. That we have a perpetual lease there really sticks in the Cuban's craw.

Had dinner with a good friend last night, a guy who wasn't born here in the states and so isn't burdened with logic traps that a native born might have. He said, "hey--why not just give the Cubans Guantanamo back--but they have to keep all the prisoners?"

Brilliance; pure brilliance. Secretary Clinton, are you reading?


Anonymous said...

Obama set back the GITMO closing process years with one signature. His order to close the place stopped all proceedings. Am I missing something or did that order effectively keep the place open? Now instead of having 60 people cleared of charges with no country who wants them, the whole pack is stuck in a lurch. What a fidiot the One can be!

Anonymous said...

You could give it back to Cuba but who says they won't release the bad guys? Also, what do we use as base in the Carribean? We left Puerto Rico so we would have nothing and as we have seen in the war, a logistic hub we own is a nice commodity.

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