Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Moore Goes Down

Last night was a first for me. I went to bed delighted to see a Democrat win. Doug Jones' victory over troglodyte Roy Moore is being attributed to many things, but nothing is more responsible for his election than the fact that good people--Republicans and conservatives alike--stayed home, voted for Jones, or wrote in Nick Saban. Republican after Republican have trounced their opponents in this state, and Republican voter registration dwarfs that of Democrats. There is simply no combination of "get out the vote" or "appeals to the base" that creates this win for Jones, contrary to what a number of ridiculous Democrats are trying to say. This is wholly on R's who showed the moral fiber the party once featured, and refused to vote for a man so profoundly unqualified even BEFORE his predilection for little girls came to light. I'd like to think that Moore will now disappear from the public square, but I fear he'll be a Fox News consultant within the fortnight.

Jones will serve out the remainder of Jeff Sessions term and then likely run for a term of his own. It is my fervent hope that a suitable, ethical, ideological conservative who actually understands the rule of law will run against him and soundly drub him. But that is in the future.

Wait--this just in--footage of the candidate creation process at Breitbart Consulting.....

Moore's loss is a profound defeat for the forces of Trumpism/Bannonism, and hopefully puts a little lead in the pencils of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Pass the tax bill and then cut the President and his band of merry pranksters loose. Trump never had a single bit of loyalty to the Republican Party, and he and his followers have none now. If there is to be a political schism in the Party, bring it on now rather than wait for it to overwhelm you. The clock is ticking.

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