Saturday, December 23, 2017

Trump's New National Security Strategy

The President has released his Congressionally-mandated National Security Strategy, and it can be found here.  I urge you to read it. Not just some of you, all of you. This is our government's statement on how it sees where America fits in the world and what its role is.  Almost nothing is more important.

I was asked to write specifically about the Strategy's implications for American Seapower--and you can find that piece here, nestled among a number of other views of the document.

Timed with the release of the strategy, my colleague Seth Cropsey and I at the Hudson Institute Center for American Seapower released a monograph entitled "Maritime Strategy for a New Age of Great Power Competition" that suggests what the President's NSS could have been. 

As for a balanced and logical assessment of the strategy, there are quite a few, but the best I've found is here--I definitely recommend readers spend some time with it.

The bottom line for me: there are a number of adults at work in the Trump Administration, and they wrote a National Security Strategy that is appropriate, coherent, and I think mostly positive. Like others who have commented, there is a not insignificant chasm between the words of the document and the statements of the President. While this is unconcerning to some, it is notable to others.

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