Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Potpourri

It is Sunday morning in beautiful Southern California and I am to spend my day in airborne metal tubes. This was a poorly planned trip, as I should have booked a redeye last night, and instead, I paid for another night's lodging a will burn all day in the air.

Readership of the blog has plummeted since I dropped off Twitter and Facebook for the second half of the Christmas Season (Thanksgiving through Christmas). I use those two platforms to point people here, and without them, a small band of dedicated readers soldier on. I thank you for it.  When I eventually return to social media, I think it will be on a more limited basis, but definitely will use it to flack this site.

I've discovered something much of America has already known about, and that is the Netflix series "Stranger Things".  I took in season 1 over the past few days, and began season 2 last night. Set in the early 80's, the series is centered around the activities of four 11 or 12 year old boys. Not that this is a kid's series--it's just that the kids are the discovery vehicles used to enter this incredible world of horror and the paranormal. Additionally, the kids are damn likable. I recommend adding it to your holiday binge watching plans.

I attended the Reagan National Defense Forum yesterday, and came away more convinced than ever that the great military buildup promised by candidate Trump was then a fiction, and remains one today. Essentially a wallow of the right of center national security community, there was the constant refrain that the sequester was evil and that more needs to be spent on defense. A dose of reality was added by Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) who essentially put it this way---there is broad consensus that we (Americans) want lower taxes, a stronger military and no cuts to programs we like. This is simply an unworkable situation, and without leadership, nothing will get done. Now that tax reform is done, you're going to start to see a lot more about the coming government shut-down. And it is coming--the question will be how long it goes for. The Trumpenproletariat assures us their Lord and Master was elected to make great deals AND that he won't give in to the Democrats. In our system of government, pulling something like this off is a neat trick, and virtually impossible.

Speaking of tax reform, the Senate passed its version late Friday night and now the two bills will go to conference. It seems almost certain that there will be tax reform/cuts before the year's end, and I am pleased with it. I am also pleased with the fact that once again, Donald Trump has to bow to globalist, cuck, eGOP, establishment RINOs like Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan for any credit he gets here. Both have come under withering criticism from the Staatsmedien including Fox News and Breitbart, and collectively were put forward as the poster boys for the failure of the GOP to deliver on promises in the past. Never mind that there was a Democrat President for 8 years--civics not being a particular interest of TrumpNation--but there is an uncomfortable truth to the fact that the only two things Trump has accomplished of lasting note were directly attributable to the skill of Mitch McConnell (judges and taxes). But go ahead, tell me again how Trump is the answer to all our problems.

Perhaps a little more later, but for now, I have to get myself off to the airport. Be well. 

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"The Hammer" said...

Why don't you move to California CW? You seem to really like the place. When you hit some fancy restaurant and go off on Trump (and the idiots who support him) I'll bet your money is no good. California is an attitude and CW you fit right in.
The American Graffiti, Beach Boys, Beach Blanket Bingo California died with Charlie Manson and Angela Davis. 45% of households in the Golden State speak Spanish as a first language, when it reaches 55% I wonder what will happen?
Along these lines what happens when corruption becomes acceptable in a society? There was a guy on the radio yesterday, Mr. Cash Michaels, who while in the process of listing DJT's many crimes and misdemeanors (the proof of which will be very clear very soon we are assured) challenged anyone to name ONE Democrat crime, just one. After I regained control of my vehicle I called in and suggested Hillary Clinton deleting 33k emails under subpoena just might be obstruction of justice. The reaction was as if I had shown up at an ex-girlfriend's wedding wearing a "Show us Your Tits" t-shirt. I'll leave it to your imagination as to how the call ended.
Unfortunately Mr. Michaels attitude is the norm, not the outlier. The persecution and attempted criminalization of Trump and his campaign and the FBI's complete disregard of REAL, substantial and seemingly limitless crimes perpetrated by the Clinton campaign demonstrates a corruption so deep and pervasive I am at a loss as to how it can be fixed. Our government is out of control, it cannot be controlled. When asked for info and testimony the FBI tells Congress to fuq off, a special prosecutor has free rein to investigate anything that suits his fancy with no restraints whatsoever AND THE FOURTH ESTATE APPLAUDS, judges rule on political matters they well know is outside their purview, cities and states ignore federal law (and their own), it all becomes too much. We reached critical mass six months ago.
Why? Why is this happening? Why is lawlessness being tolerated? The obvious answer is Trump, but has he been that bad? Forget the Tweets for a second (I like the Tweets myself, direct pipeline to America don't you know). What policies can a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Trumper, that claims to be a REAL conservative, what policies can one point to that suggests Trump is unfit? What has he done that any good Bushy Republican finds so egregious?
My answer is nothing at all. Furthermore efforts to undermine the President only encourages and strengthens the left, the mother's and father's of our now corrupt state. Hey, but what the fuq do I know? There was nothing in Hillary's emails anyway.

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