Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Coming to you live, from Downtown Des Moines, it is once again Big Fat Friday! What's on you mind?  Share, folks.  Share!


Tom de Plume said...

I wondered if Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman had his tongue firmly placed in cheek last week when he suggested a faked up impending alien (the outer space kind) invasion to institute a massive government spending program. After seeing the reports yesterday from NASA that potential ETs might destroy us because we aren't "green" enough makes me realize that these people are as serious as they are looney.

NavyAustin said...

Hearing some interesting discussion in the FY13 Navy POM process - rumors abound on what might be cut. Your thoughts on what might go, and more importantly, what SHOULD go?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nope--not gonna do that one in public, NA. I want OVER-ARCHING strategic guidance before I play any of those cards....without that, I say, NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. How about hearing your take on the military retirement change proposals floating about?

It's currently an all-or-nothing 20 year cliff for those on active duty, who get quite a nice payout for lifestarting as young as 37. But get to 20 in the reserve and you won't see anything (even proportionally reduced) until 60. Leave with anything less and you walk away with nothing.

Seems to be a radical change, with a lot of interesting second-order effects: those who do less than 20 would walk away with some start on retirement savings. The 20-year up-or-out career mentality could be changed for better or worse.

What say you?

NavyAustin said...

PS, I wasn't being Anonymous. Just forgot to sign.

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