Monday, August 15, 2011

Walker's Wisconsin Win

No, I'm not talking about the recent recall elections, though they were nice.  The win I'm talking about is his policy win.  It seems that the good news keeps rolling in, news of school districts and local governments throughout the Badger State able now to close gaps in budgets AND keep teachers on the job.  Where is the mayhem?  Where is the destruction of Western Civilization as we know it?  Were not the very human rights of Wisconsin educators stripped from them by gubernatorial fiat?  Of course not.  That was just union, liberal, Democrat hyperventilation designed to do one thing, and one thing only--preserve and extend the union's power.  Walker called their bluff and we are beginning to see the wisdom of his ways.

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"The Hammer" said...

There must have been a "D-Notice" issued because there's been a total news blackout on everything Wisconsin since the election.

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