Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iowa Girl Conceived After Father's Death Not Entitled to Benefits

In a case showcasing the rare capacity of our legal system to use common sense, a federal appeals court has struck down a lower court's ruling which had granted social security death benefits to a girl whose father died before she was conceived.  There is talk that the case is headed to the Supreme Court. 

Had the father died AFTER conception, I would have no problem supporting a death benefit.  But the frozen sperm of a dead man delivered downrange to conception does not create an orphaned child.  It simply created a single mother.


"The Hammer" said...

One day you're required to pay child support for a kid until they're 18, the next day you have zero say in your unborn child being aborted.

If that's the law, then the law is an arse.

LL said...

By the logic of the mother, she could have had a child ten years later and the child would have been an orphan.

I don't see any wrong in her wanting to have the child, but applying for benefits takes a lot of moxy.

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