Thursday, March 29, 2012

Democratic Profile in Courage

In the House yesterday, President Obama's budget was brought up for a vote, and it was defeated 414-0.  That's right.  Not one vote in support.  Not from the Democrats.  Not from the Republicans.  How could this possibly be?  Here's one explanation:

"The House also voted 414-0 Wednesday to reject Obama's budget, with Democrats accusing the GOP of forcing the vote to embarrass them. Democrats were concerned Republicans would use campaign ads to link Democrats who supported Obama's plan to all of its details, including tax increases and boosts for unpopular programs."

So, let's get this straight.  The one element of the Democrat power structure in Washington that appears to currently be doing its job (the Executive Branch) puts forward a budget that is then unanimously unsupported by his very own party because they fear its provisions could be used against them in upcoming elections?  This as the Democrats in the Senate are in the process of skipping their third straight year of producing a budget of their own?


Mudge said...

Too bad they didn't follow the model of their fellow Dems in the Wisconsin legislature and go into hiding to a neighboring state to avoid voting at all. Let's see, Mexico is a neighboring state. Good place for them to go hide, assuming they don't get trampled trying to go against the flow of traffic.

"The Hammer" said...

Now now, let's be fair, would YOU vote for that budget?

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