Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Thoughts from a Disturbed Mind

President Obama has just nominated fellow traveler Mel Watt (D-NC), to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The National Review describes Rep. Watt as "Wall Street's Favorite Racist" and after seeing Mel operate over the years, I could not agree more. His racist views and comments have been well documented, but that's not what really disturbs me. According to the Democratic Socialists of America website he is a member of the socialists party caucus in Congress (along with 70 other Democrats). So, the fact that he is a socialist, a race-baiter, and in bed with half the banks and finance houses in the country (and the #1 guy of Charlotte's Bank of America) who made a killing off the housing crisis, how long do you think it will take before we get "principal reduction" and return to the wild and woolly days of sub-prime lending? It nearly destroyed our economy last time (at least that's what they told us), so do you think we can stand another round of trillion dollar bailouts and the corruption and plundering of the treasury that accompanied the whole nefarious scheme? It's time to get government out of the banking business. No more "federally insured" anything. Regulate the hell out of banks for sure. Make them carry and pay for their own private insurance on deposits. Regulate the hell out of the insurers so if worse comes to worse we know the money is there. But what we can't do is pressure banks to make bad loans that eventually end up on the books of the federal government. If they want to make bad loans, let them take the hit, not us. And by the way, break 'em up. Too big to fail is too big period.

It appears the Democrats' "go to" Sugar Daddy George Soros made a quick $60 mil in three days shorting the Australian dollar. Now considering Soros funds the Democrat infrastructure of intimidation and mind control through his Tides Foundation, Open Society Foundation and Media Matters (to name just a very few) and considering we have the most leftist, corrupt President since forever, what would the potential for corruption in terms of insider knowledge from a government source be on this whole sordid episode?

I'm sure CW is elated fellow alumnus Mark Sanford won down in South Carolina. Real Politics' last poll had Sanford +1, and he actually won by 9 or 10. I'm thrilled he won but this guy broke my heart. He was destined to be a superstar for the Republicans, and he blew it like a chump. So we shouldn't really read anything into this race in terms of Sanford "being back", he ain't. This is a heavily Republican district and his opponent was a loser from the get go (Co-BEAR my ass, it's Cole-Bert) And dude, this is South Carolina. Those people make me look downright congenial by comparison. They ain't electing the sister of some leftist, smartass turncoat of a TV personality.

The Benghazi hearing starts today and we should be getting some fireworks. Drudge is leading off with a "I Blame Her" headline and a picture of a smiling Hillary, click on it and you get a real cool video of Jake Tapper interviewing the mother of one of the four dead. It's pretty heady stuff! A lot of names are saying this could be Obama's downfall, Mike Huckabee and John Bolton to name just a couple. I don't know but I can't see this happening. As Dennis Miller said last night, whomever pulls the old Woodward & Bernstein on Obama is finished. Bringing down Obama or even Hillary would be career suicide...and maybe worse. So if this is going to happen, it will happen without the help of the NY Times. And if I were Sharyl Attkisson I'd get a food taster.
UPDATE: It seems Ms. Attkisson is being hit from both sides.

On a personal note I think I've played out my Facebook stream. I lose friends quicker than Anthony Weiner on a girl scout page. I freely admit I'm not suited to FB, I'm just too belligerent. This is a typical conversation I had the other day:

XXX: How do you know Linda xxxxx?

Hammer: Who says I do? The name rings a bell but I deal with a lot of people. Who is she?

XXX: Your (sic) friends with her. Relax. Why so combative?

Hammer: Combative? Man are you kidding? You'll know when I'm combative. But anyway I guess   she friended me at one stage or another. Why, do you know her? And stop being such an accusatory asshole.

XXX: Ok we're done here. I was just trying to ask a question. Have a nice day.

Hammer: I was just giving you an example of combative.

XXX: Too late, not funny. Your (sic) way too judgmental for us to be friends. I hope you have a nice existence.

Hammer: God, people are so sensitive these days.

So, as you can see, maybe FB isn't the best fit for a guy like me (I should have guessed when Sgt. Major kept unfriending me). But let me just say this about that, if we were once FB pals and for some reason I offended you or insulted you or otherwise caused you distress, then let me say sincerely you can pucker up and kiss my sphincter because I could give a rat's ass. And that dear FB friends is from the heart.



Mudge said...

I liked a commentator I heard today offering a good response to any libs up in arms about Sanford winning. "That little daliance the Governor had? 'That was a long time ago.' 'And besides, at this point, what difference does it make?'" Oh yeah, and no one died.

Unknown said...

See the government is not in the getting out of thing just the getting more and more into it. Until the government chooses what your approved hair styles are the way North Korea does they will not be happy. I have a brother who wants the government to set price controls for everything> I tried to explain to him that has been tried over and over and failed but what can I do. I fear for our country.

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