Saturday, May 4, 2013

Will Obama Hang Benghazi Around Hillary's Neck?

Things are heating up on the thus far stone-walled investigation into the killings of our Ambassador to Libya and three others "a long time ago" (Jay Carney).  Some important "whistleblowers" are set to testify before Congress, and The Weekly Standard's Stephen F. Hayes has done some excellent reporting on how the State Department and White House conspired to erase references to terrorists in the initial reports of the Benghazi attack, involvement that at the point was well established.  If the MSM goes rogue and actually begins to cover this story, things could get hot for the President.  So, what will he do?

One of my Twitter follows "Drew M" (@DrewMTips) made a great point in an exchange with me today that if it gets hot, President Obama is going to ruin Hillary Clinton.  He'll hang Benghazi around her neck so fast it will make her frequently changing hairstyle head spin.  We'll see coverage of her famous "What Difference Does It Make" shriek and Mrs. Clinton's march to the Presidency will be stopped dead in its tracks by the man currently occupying the office.

Of course all of this depends on the MSM picking up the story.  Someone other than Sharyl Attkisson.


"The Hammer" said...

Well if he does he'll be double-crossing the Clintons after Bill campaigned his ass off for his re-election. The Clinton's still own one wing of the party and could cause a helluva lot of trouble. I don't think Obama is stupid enough to piss 'em off that bad. And besides, they may take a few hits but this kind of scandal could ruin Hillary and severely damage Obama's second term, the MSM ain't gonna let that happen.

Mudge said...

Hammer - agree on MSM; differ on O's capability to comprehend the concept of loyalty. Loyalty involves concepts such as duty and honoring debts. Debt is the only of those terms he knows and to him, debt is a means to an end (of the Constitutional Republic)...and in the land of O's, all debts are to be forgiven anyway. The only one to whom this pathological narcissist would exercise loyalty is to himself. The only reason he would not hang Bill with the same rope he uses on Hillary is out of concern that he might not achieve a tight enough cinch to silence them both. I look forward to the Chicago-style lynching he does on the Clinton's If the heat gets too high. But, of course, I already agreed with you that unless the MSM finally grows bored with their self-imposed 5 year sabbatical, the rise in temperature in the oval office for the rest of this term won't even be high enough to alarm Al Gore.

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