Saturday, May 11, 2013


It appears CW was dead on the money with his post a few days ago that "...President Obama is going to ruin Hillary Clinton". At least it's looking like he will try. Jay Carney ever so delicately threw Hillary to the lions yesterday, so their intent is certainly clear.
My thoughts prior to Wednesday's hearing and Jay Carney's vaudeville act yesterday was that if things got hot, which I thought was unlikely, then State and the White House would just get together and pick a fall guy. Leon Panetta was the most likely candidate if it had to be a "name" (the guy is old, about to retire, no future political ambitions etc.). But I think we've moved past that stage.
But don't count your chicken just yet. Everything is still dependent on how hard the media pushes the story. Your average Joe still knows nothing about Benghazi. Jay Leno (or somebody) interviewed people in Time's Square and one woman replied "I don't know who Benghazi is". The coverage has been sporadic to say the least. On Wednesday Fox covered almost all the hearing, CNN about 20 minutes and MSNBS none. The networks apart from ABC who broke the emails (with the one stylistic change) just brushed over it as best they could.  This Times editorial yesterday was pretty much the position I expected the media to take, but after that absolutely ridiculous tightrope walk of a press briefing, I think maybe we've hit critical mass.
So, what's going to happen? Well they'll have to subpoena Hillary and she faces a choice. She can take the hit and hope everything just blows over before '16 (which ain't going to happen in a million years and the Clinton's are smart enough to know it) or she can double-down and try to BS her way through (a dangerous game indeed) or she can come clean and depending on the facts of course, lay everything at Obama's door. After all, he's the boss. Regardless this whole affair has the potential to be a big-time game changer. The Clinton's and the White House playing musical chairs and the liberal media playing the tune; man it doesn't get any better than this! And I for one can't wait.

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Mudge said...

That times editorial should make the Times' editor a shoo-in for the prestigious Honorary Chair of the DNC" position. David Gregory, who really gave it a hell of a shot this year, will just have to wait for next year's competition.

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