Friday, October 18, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Why the long face, Jack?  Your furlough over, and now you have to go back to whatever it was that you were doing that approximated work?  Wondering if your Speakership is in trouble because of fifty yahoos on the right?

Photo courtesy of the Hammer, his girlfriend just prior to marrying the lovely Mrs. Hammer.

Get it off your chest!

Today's Weight: 181.8
Last Friday's Weight: 185
Diet Start Weight: 198


Anonymous said...

181.8, Now your cooking. Or maybe not and that is why you are losing the weight. :)

"The Hammer" said...

Don't tell Sgt. Major but I miss Aquaniqua. Man with that booty you'd start on one side of the room and end up on the other.

"The Hammer" said...

Ok, back to bidniz.

Gentlemen we've got a messaging problem in the Republican Party. Now it's true, most of the time I want to kill wishy washy, pussy-ass, dicky bow wearing little country club Republicans like somebody we all know (hint hint), but the fact is we REAL conservatives need them. As Rockin' Ronnie said, we don't need a third party, we just need to get our shit together in the Republican Party. And that starts with a clear, concise, CONSISTENT AND UNIFIED message! As a party we must speak with one voice with one message loud and clear. This will go a long way in negating the hostile media who loves picking apart Republicans and we will eventually get through to the folks. How many times have you seen the Democrats using the same argument AND EVEN THE SAME BUZZ WORDS on the political talk shows? They get it. Hit 'em hard with the same message over and over and it will eventually get through. It's basically just advertising. Then, after we get in power we can hash our our differences to our hearts content, BUT NOT NOW!

And what will that message be you ask? CONSERVATISM!!!! We need a clear, strong, aggressive conservative message. Generally speaking people don't like moderates, they just don't. They like strength and people with conviction. You never hear a political conversation extolling the virtues of moderation or how some fence sitting punk is such a wonderful Congressman fighting for us! Jesse Helms as hated as he was by the national media and liberals was adored in the State of North Carolina! And conversely Teddy Kennedy was reviled. What do both these guys have in common? They were both "extremists" and they both never lost an election.

So if the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham want to attack Ted Cruz (and you'll notice he hasn't reciprocated) then we have to count them among our enemies, because Cruz's messaging worked. He didn't win but he got his point across over the heads of the national media and the Democratic/Soros attack machine. And believe you me the libs have taken notice. Unfortunately our Republican moderates haven't.

Mudge said...

That someone like McCain can remain a moderate in the face of the "Progressive" takeover of our Constitutional Republic, after damned near giving his life to protect it halfway around the world escapes me. Of course, for a milquetoast like Lady Linday Graham, it's a given. I just wonder why he doesn't just get it over with and make the leap to--no, not the sex change operation--the very very short leap to calling himself a democrat. In either case, I couldn't agree more. This is a battle for the future of this nation. Compromise and moderation? Hell no. Voters want a choice. Why would they choose a fractured party where half sound like the other party who is unified?
Thank God we have at least some people like Ted Cruz in that madhouse in DC.

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