Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Hammer's Weekly College Football Review

Well, week...uh... whatever damn week it is... was pretty exciting and some of the pretenders have been exposed. Man alive, FSU took Clemson to the woodshed didn't they? In Death Valley too! I was a little surprised by that frankly, not necessarily that the Semi-holes won but how they owned Clemson from the git-go. That freshman quarterback went to the backwoods side of nowhere -hole in the ground- known officially as Memorial Stadium and in front of 80 thousand screaming rednecks took it to their ass! To be honest I wasn't so sure about FSU, but I am now. Jimbo Fisher has it going on down in Tallahassee (a word no Yankee can spell). This is very good football team and guess who gets them next?

So it looks like the Tigers were 2-2 yesterday; Missouri and Auburn winning with LSU and Clemson screwing the proverbial pooch and thereby knocking themselves out of the running (is there really a proverb about a pooch I wonder?). Missouri is looking REAL good reminding me of the days of Tony Galbreath (Missouri always did do well against SEC teams) and Baylor, Texas Tech, Ohio State are undefeated along with a handful of others. The Gamecocks lost to maybe, perhaps (?) a resurgent Tennessee (another work Yankees can't spell) and the notion that there's another West Coast team that's worth a shit (Washington) was put to bed.

Now to the really sad news. CW's University of Virginia Cavaliers sashayed away a 22 point first half lead over Duke, eventually losing 35-22 in front of a nearly empty Scott Stadium in Charlottesville. The Wahoos' collapse was not entirely unexpected what with a three game losing streak, but my Goodness! Can't anybody in Charlottesville play this game? But I'm just glad the Pack isn't on UVA's schedule this year, we'd probably lose.

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