Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bibi's Day in Congress

I have been discomfited at the prospect of Mr. Netanyahu's speech to Congress, not so much at what I thought he would say, but at the concept of legislative branch overreach into foreign policy.  Truth is though, executive overreach got us here (the threat to reach a deal with Iran not requiring Senate approval), so to some extent, this was another Obama foreign policy unforced error.

The Washington Post has a superb critique of Netanyahu's speech and Mr. Obama's reaction thereto. Bibi was measured and logical, making an argument based on facts and commonly held assumptions about Iran's stated desires and conduct.

The sum total of the Obama reaction seems to be, "what's your plan, Bibi?"  This plays into their favorite rhetorical tactic of choice, the Strawman/false choice, which they have built here--as in, there are only two choices, the Obama way or war.  Since Bibi didn't explicitly choose one of these proffered alternatives, he is obviously strategically inept.

Not true.  Staying the course, keeping up sanctions and international pressure, is also a way to go.  Continuing to marginalize and isolate a thug regime remains in play. Read the Post editorial--it gives a fairly sane view of how adults see foreign policy, rather than the churlish, schoolyard crew in power now.


Mudge said...

It was at once refreshing and depressing to watch his speech. Refreshing, in a nostalgic sort of way, because a man of great courage and conviction to love of freedom and love of country was addressing the Congress and citizens of the United States of America. Depressing because it was a foreign President and because our own President had reliably seen to it that sufficient years had gone by without such an experience that it could be called "nostalgic."

JB said...

I took advantage of CW's link to read the Washington Post's editorial . . . I also read some of the comments. I seriously think that if BHO wore black robes and decapitated an "infidel" on live TV from the Oval Office, there would be about 20-25% of the population that would STILL support the guy (like the SNL skit - What would it take for BO to lose your support).

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